ur wishlist from bleecker collection

  1. what is ur wishlist from the bleecker collection ???
  2. Geez I love this collection too much:

    Bleecker leather shopper in Coal Black ($538)
    Bleecker tattersall framed French purse ($198)

    God I hope I win the lottery or something...:angel:
  3. magenta bleeker *hissssss to anyone who even thinks about getting it in NYC lol*
  4. I love the duffle in the brown/brown sig. I saw it IRL and it was so pretty (like I need another brown bag). I really like anything in the Ink or magent leather also.
  5. Let's see...what don't I love about the Bleeker collection???? I already own the Large Sig Flap, the sig wristlet, the sig large wallet, and the overpriced Bleecker keychain. Now I am scheming for the medium leather duffle which I will get this during PCE...sigh.....:girlsigh:
  6. I am waiting for the shopper to arrive any day now and I might break down and get a duffel. I haven't decided yet. I already have a wallet and would love a wristlet and mini skinny also. I love the leather on these things!!
  7. Magenta Duffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MUST.. have.. this.. purse! :graucho:
  8. The girl who wasn't that fond of the Bleecker collection in the beginning now wants........

    [​IMG](in khaki/black)



  9. I really want a duffle, still not sure which size or which color combo, and maybe a matching checkbook wallet. Oh yeah and I really want the cosmetic case and mini skinny in the tattersall.
  10. My husband just bought me the bleeker sig duffel with wine trim for xmas...I just love it . I was going to get the all leather but after looking at them I decided on the signature wish it was the 24th I can't wait to use it...... I might look at a wallet at the next PCE or sunglasses....I don't really need another coach bag ,the bleeker makes 7...
  11. Despite the fact I can not wear it cross body...:confused1: grrrrrrr....

    I want the Large Duffle in British Tan with the matching checkbook wallet (love the lining).

    Tattersall zippered cosmetic bag.
    Tattersall french wallet

    Also, must have Peace charm!

    Come on December PCE!!
  12. I never really liked the following color combo BUT...after trying it on at the store with a pair of jeans..it really looked cute! Unfortunately, the darn buckle on the strap really hurts my weenie shoulders. I only had the bag on for a couple of minutes and it was already bothering me. :tdown: Has anyone else had this problem with the buckle strap? here's the bag I tried on...khaki/saddle

  13. C: YES I HAD this problem too!!! This is such a CUTE bag, but it HURT me after only a few minutes of wearing it as well!!!! LOL I was actually eyeing it again in the Caesar's Coach boutique in Atlantic City this week, and I had on my suede coat, and w/ the padding of the coat it didnt hurt!!!! HMMMMMM.........LOL
  14. I am shopping for my fiance and I have been looking for deals on a particular wallet that she wants, BLEECKER TATTERSALL FRAMED FRENCH PURSE. Anyway, I came to this site and was thrilled b/c I thought that people would be sharing how to purchase the purse/ wallet with a discount or free shipping, etc... instead, all this forum is is a bunch of women ranting about all of the things that they want. What is the point of this forum... it is not informative, unless, santa visits your post. Though, I am glad.... I dont want my lady to be affiliated with pretentious people and/or products... she is getting the diamond earrings!
  15. You obviously haven't been around long enough to know us very well then. :woohoo: