ur fave coach item

  1. what is ur fave thing u ever bought from coach and why?
  2. I honestly can say that so far my favorite of all time, was my Pewter Daphney! I just love it! It took me forever to save up, but when I bought wow, I was in shock! All went downhill from there!
  3. My LILY in Atlantic.:yes: I love the color! Although I would love it more if I got it with the PCE !
  4. While I really love my Ali in brown, I have to say my favorite is really my vintage ergo hobo. I love the ease of that bag, how it carries, how it looks on me and off, how I can fit everything I need in it and it doesn't weigh a ton! And the color! It's fabulous! (don't tell Ali, she's pretty spoiled and tempermental!)
  5. i how all you tPF'ers talk about your purses like they're you're daughters or friends -- SO CUTE!!!! ; P
  6. Totally my 2006 black leather Legacy Shoulder bag. She is so pretty and smells amazing!!
  7. My fav piece is my Coach Soho Signiture Black Duffle. I walked right into the outlet, picked it up and bought it. I loved it from the moment I saw it
  8. I love my Hamptons Leather Signature Taffy in Black. Too bad they don't make it again this year...
  9. my denim sig stripe tote! and possibly the goldfish keyfob.
  10. My 2 Daphnes...the Top Handle Daphne in Coral and the Braided Handle Daphne in Black.
  11. :girlsigh:I think my 06 white Legacy shoulder bag...it just hugs my body perfectly. Like it was meant to be there. I love all the pockets and zippers too! I have a lot of close seconds, though! Tough question!!
  12. I agree with cverhoff. My Legacy shoulder bag (mine's whiskey) was made for me. I love all the pockets and the brass hardware!
  13. That's so hard! But probably my '06 Legacy shoulder bag (right now I'm carrying the brown while the black is hibernating). I look at it and marvel about how pretty it is.

    If we're talking accessories, I'm absurdly fond of my Coach pill box ($13 at outlet). It goes with me everywhere.
  14. My favorite out of my collection is my signature stripe tote. I know it's not the prettiest bag, but it is my everyday bag. I love it cause I can throw a bunch of stuff in it .
  15. This is almost impossible for me!!! It's a toss up between my pink scarf hobo, ergo medium turquoise hobo, carly and legacy shoulder pond...koi, sunnies, shoes...