Uptown.....Uptown !!!

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  1. I’m totally in love with my new small N/S Uptown in color 2749 (often referred to as Peru)! I originally was eyeing the Uptown in the larger sizes, but found them a bit clunky in store and hated the short strap. Though I liked the adjustable crossbody length strap of the small N/S, I wasn’t too enamored with the normal color offerings (black, red, cream). However, once my SA mentioned they’d be receiving a few of the Peru color, all hope was not lost. I first saw this color in the Vicky, but ultimately opted against it for other reasons. I also thought it might work in the Nolita….but that ended up being a no-go as well.
    However, once this Uptown arrived it was kismet….so amazing with the shiny glazed calf and gold accents! I feel the glazing should help ward off scratches and transfer issues (we’ll see, these pics are after wearing it 3 times, and it still looks pristine).

    I’ve also posted a color comparison, to my medium envelope in 2622 (Oak/Cork)….which I find has more yellow undertones than the Peru.
    Of course, this version of the Uptown has Celine Nano vibes…which also piqued my interest. However, while researching I was happy to find that the Uptown measurements seemed larger…..and indeed it is.
    So, it fits a bit more than the Nano, and I love the handles can go up/down.

    Such an amazing bag IMO…and of course the front envelope pouch with the Cassandre logo is removable (although, I personally don’t see myself using the pouch on its own, although it’s good to have the built-in option as people are buying them separately for that purpose).

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  2. Gorgeous!!
  3. Thanks! I'm obsessed with it.....I've been wearing it a ton and am surprised it's so carefree
  4. Such a beautiful colour and the size seems perfect not too big or too small.
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  5. Beautiful bag! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  6. Angelina Jolie with her Saint Laurent YSL UPTOWN bag.

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  7. Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with the Saint Laurent YSL Uptown Bag in Black.

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  8. Hello!
    Would anyone know which sizes Angelina and Rosie are wearing?

    I am SUCH A YSL newbie, I mean it, I have no idea. Came here from chanel (ha), I need a new work bag and after buying a second hand 6 duffle bag in TERRIBLE CONDITION and returning it as we speak, the uptown cought my eye.

    My problem is I do not know if I need to be able to carry A4 documents on a daily basis - I do atm, but I somehow am reluctant to buy a BIG bag only for the purpose of maybe carring documents or my laptop in it. I think maybe there are laptop-bags for this stuff for a reason (I use public transport if thats of any importance.).
    Those of you owning the uptown, in small, would you say its sufficient for work? in my case it needs to fit Banana, lunchbox, phone, charger, money, keys. :biggrin:
  9. Hi Angelina Jolie is wearing the YSL Uptown Bag in size Medium. It is a classic work bag size.

    Rosie is wearing the Uptown bag in size Small. It is similar to a Celine Nano but larger and more roomy. It fits a large wallet, sunglasses, cosmetics bag, phone, charger, keys. It may fit a small umbrella, lunchbox or Banana on top too but I didn’t try those things so I’m not 100% sure. It’s a great bag for weekends too. :smile:
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  10. That sounds great! Over here on chanel, people always do "What fits" posts and videos and I have been researching the hell out of this small bag but cannot find aaanything.
    Could you tell me a little bit about it? is it a new style or just not too liked my many? I have the chance to get it for 45% off so am very much considering getting it without ever having seen it IRL. Does the leahter hold up well?
  11. Hi, the reason it does not have many reviews is because it is a very new bag. It was released in some places a couple of months ago but most countries only received the Uptown bags over the last few weeks. Just from trying it on in store it will definitely fit all essentials and a bit more. I cannot comment on wear but the bag does have a sheen/coated effect which makes the leather bit more resilient than regular smooth leather. I personally think it will wear well as long as you don’t scratch the bag up against hard surfaces, brick walls, ground, keys etc Also I don’t think I’d use the bag every single day. :smile:
  12. Is there a thread on new items?

    See, that is my problem: I need an (almost) everday bag. I tried the YSL duffle second hand, condition was awful and it didnt suit me. Im very tempted to order the uptwon and try...

    I wish I knew if this is a potential forever piece or if the removable clutch is super insecure and easy for thieves etc. Then again I think with the option to jut show the simple SL Logo how could this ever go out of style?

    I have been looking at the normal shopper tote first as that would be the perfect replacement for the workbag I currently have but mine was a 250 Coccinelle in saffiano leather, how can I get the identical look for almost a thousand.. :biggrin: My heart want something more vavavoom, if i am spending that money.

    This is all very intriguing, lol, looks like I have a new YSL world to explore!
  13. would you be so kind and show us a bit more know that you have had time to play with it? which handle version do you use mos and what fits in it? any issues so far? is it comfortable to wear crossbody?
  14. Modshots of the Saint Laurent YSL Monogram Uptown in size Small.

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  15. Pictures of the Saint Laurent YSL Monogram Uptown Bag in size Medium.

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