Uptown Black Patent Arrival

  1. The Uptown black patent has arrived at Bergdorf's! The bigger size only. We are still awaiting the smaller size and the "red" in the large size.
  2. Nice! The uptown is such a classy bag!
  3. Ladies, this is a fabulous bag. I've had mine about two weeks now, and I absolutely love it! It's about as sexy and glam as a big tote can get.


    Welcome bgbrunette. :flowers: I take it that you are an SA for Bergdorfs? We have numerous SAs who post here on tPF. A few of them in the Chanel subforum are really helpful.

    It would be great if you could share some of your inside information with us. :graucho: Since what is posted on ysl.com is just a small sampling, I'd love to know more about the fall collection. For instance, could you tell us the complete color range that the Muse, Downtown, and Tribute Tote will be available in?
    YSL Downtown.JPG
  4. cosmo honey...she said the UPTOWN bag...it's a new style for the a/w season. very elegant... the best bag ysl's done so far... :love:

  5. [​IMG]
    In Black from Saks.

    The dark navy color is fabulous! I saw a medium downtown tote in this color and I loved it! It looks black with just enough navy to make it very unique.
  6. BG has it in red grape:
  7. DOH! :push::push::push:

    SORRY EVERYBODY! I apparently have Downtown-on-the-brain, I'm so obsessed with my new bag. (I am familiar with the Uptown.)

    Cosmo should really think twice about posting early on tPF before she's had enough of her morning coffee. :roflmfao:

    My apologies again.
  8. Hey no problem! I think you were the first to show us this bag on this forum! :yes:
  9. Pretty, love it
  10. Wow, that's a gorgeous bag!!
  11. Whether's it's UPtown or DOWNtown--BOTH "towns" are gorgeous! Love your bag Cosmo--it's a stunner!
  12. Lol, thanks wickedassin! ;)

    I've seen the UPtown IRL, and it is a pretty bag, so structured and ladies-who-lunch. But for my real life, it just isn't very wearable, I think. I don't wear suits and heels everyday, and in IMO, the UPtown kind of requires that.
  13. Yes, cosmo I do work at Bergdorf's but as a personal shopper. We have a huge YSL collection, it's on two different floors. I will give you a full report on our inventory and what is on order in the morning to make sure I do not forget anything. I will also keep everyone posted on our trunk shows, arrivals, sales and lucky finds. BTW - I LOVE tPF!
  14. Please tell me when you get the red in! I love that color!
  15. The red is my favorite. I will put in a reserve for you.