Upside down monogram pattern

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  1. Today I went to the LV store in Yorkdale, Toronto and there was a monogram speedy on the shelf with the monogram upside down - is that a defect ?? can someone help because I want to purchase a monogram speedy but would like the LV rightside up.
  2. No, it isn't a defect. The body of the speedy is made from a single continuous piece of canvas, so the back side looks upside down. If you don't like it like that, you should look at getting a vintage speedy. Hope that helps!
  3. The body of the bag is made from a single sheet of canvas... Therefore, logically one side will be the 'correct' way up, the other side will be upside-down.

    Not all vintage Speedys, just the FC Speedy.
  4. Thank u - makes total sense :smile: it crossed my mind and I wanted to ask the SA but the store was way too busy; I love monogram but don't think I could live with the upside down LV - I might start looking towards a damier - a continuous pattern & love the brown handles - hmmmm what a dilemma because I am a die hard for monogram :confused1:

  5. Thanks for the clarification. :smile:
  6. The damier has the same construction, so the pattern is still upside down. It is just less obvious since the writing on it is minimal. :sad:

    Maybe look at some other models in monogram since you prefer that?
  7. :yes:
  8. I just wanted to say that I actually like to carry my bag with the pattern upside down:upsidedown:

    Just to be different!!
  9. ^^LOL me too. I carry my Speedy with the upside-down side out! =]

  10. ^^Agreed.
  11. I never think abut the pattern - I just tend to make sure the zipper pull (when closed) is towards the front of my body. The pattern being up or down would then depend on which arm I'm carrying the purse. Since I tend to alternate arms, I'm guessing I carry mine upside down at least half the time! ;)
  12. Me too! It's easier to open that way. I also switch hands or arms when carrying my LV's but not if I'm carrying it on my shoulder. Being a righty, I always carry bags on my right shoulder and it's easier to dig into my bag that way with my right hand.
    I kind of like the upside down LV side though......