upset :(

  1. So two reasons to be upset....the gucci outlets in CA didnt really have anything (BOOOO) all i got was a scarf (super cute, classic monogram, thin and super soft!) and only 99!

    anddddddddddddd number two...

    Why oh why doesnt the US get the cute stuff? im sitting here waiting for my bf to get out of the shower (we are on vacay in cali :smile: ) and i mosey on over to the gucci website and check out the different country!

    THEY HAVE CUTER THINGS THEN WE DO!! I want a pen case!!! no fair! :sad:

    Do you guys know if i can still order one?? go to the store? or waht mannnnnnnn!! I want that and the key chain!! ITS SO CUTE! Its of the teddy bear! SO VERY CUTE! :sad:

    NO FAIR :cursing:
  2. Boo.. That stinks. It must have been so disappointing to expect to get a ton of great deals at the outlet. At least you did get a scarf.

    I did check out the Gucci site for France and they do have a ton of stuff! Is it the white leather pen case you were talking about? It's really cute!
  3. OK, where is the outlet in CA?????

  4. In Cabazon. Which is right before Palm Springs
  5. The cabazon outlet has lots of other great stores with a ton of sales! But yea, sometimes you get lucky with the gucci outlet, sometimes you don't : (
  6. that's true... we went 2 weeks ago & i didn't like any of their purses:sad:
  7. From what I have been told from a SA at the Outlet is that they just get the stuff that does not sell during the sales in the full priced stores. Unlike the Coach outlet where you can almost always find new and different product every time you go.
  8. yeah i was so excited about the outlet...but it was pretty much crap! :sad:

    I came out with a scarf...i should post pics but im kinda lazy haha ill get around to it! its actually really cute, its dark brown with the mono on it ....very light and VERY soft :smile: i love it
  9. I am sorry :sad: I want one of those scarfs though!!!! Oh and I totally agree about other countries having better stuff
  10. try calling the gucci outlet in CA...they had TONS of them and they were ONLY 100!!!!! I was so very excited, now i wish i would have gotten the light purple one too!! it was so cute! they also had a black and a brown!!!

    but warning, the mono isnt IN YOUR FACE, its very very subtle...but i kind of like it that way! its more of a suprise im gucci! hehe :smile:
  11. Just wondering will the outlets in the US ship to you or do you have to physically go to the store to buy? Did you see any abbey bags?
  12. Yes they will ship to you. I am pretty sure they charge $10 for S&H. I even believe that if you call them they will email you a photo of anything. But just know that at the outlets all sales are final.
  13. ^^ What she said.

    !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There's only three Gucci outlets in the U.S.--Cabazon, Woodbury in New York, something in New Jersey. I called Cabazon first, but they were out of mono wool scarves, and so was New York. BUT NEW JERSEY WASN'T! :} : pumps fist :

    They've got brown, black, and light grey left! The mono on the brown and black are more faint because of the darker color, so it shows a lot on the light grey. Incase anyone wants to get one, now you have a better idea!

    I ordered the gray, grey? one today (!!!!!!) and they already shipped it out today too, plus shipping was just 10 bucks!

    Someone out there in tPF land should call and get one too!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH luvednotspoiled, I've been eyeing this scarf, well the cashmere version, ever since Oct/Nov when I saw it on bluefly, and now it's coming!! Eeeeeee! :}

  14. Thanks for the info! That is going above and beyond to actually send you a photo! I shop at the outlet a few hours from my home in Italy and its the same way no returns .
  15. wohooooooo snoopy!! CONGRATS!!!

    i really need to take pics of all of my vegas/san diego purchases hehe :smile: