Upset with Sex and The City...I thought I had watched everything !

  1. Im upset with sex and the city. I have watched every episode from Start to Finish and then today I go on youtube and find this YouTube - Sex & The CiTy (Carrie Boutique Dior Paris)
    a scene where carrie goes back in Dior to Find her is this an Extra scene that isnt on the English DVD's ???....are there more :wtf: :wtf: am I missing out ?...also I noticed that on the English DVD's, the alternative endings are not on, I found out about these on youtube also. This is because HBO does not own the English DVD's or something and the american ones are totally different to the English DVD's. Have a look at the attachments 1=English...2=american
    SATC UK.jpg SATC US.jpg
  2. i thought she found her carrie necklace on her vintage bag.
    maybe it's an extra shot they did for that last episode as they've shot a few endings too for that finale
  3. hahahahahahahaha... definetly a deleted scene! how hilarious! are there more cut scenes on youtube? how fun!
  4. yeah LOL lots of scenes and alternative endings...theres even one where she says that shes married Alex :confused1: . Go and search the user "Totallyamazing" on youtube, thats me, I dont have any vids but in my favourites there are some sex and the city scenes and alternative endings. :smile:
  5. whhhaaaaat i have not seen these either ????
  6. I think these were on DVD. Season 6 Part 2 DVD set? It was split into two sets.
  7. Really???:wtf:
    I have the English version and I had no idea that there were alternative endings. I'll definitely go and check youtube!!
    Thanks so much for the info Socialite!!:nuts:
  8. Yes I saw this on the DVD, not sure which disc but definitely there.
  9. So does anyone know what DVD the alternative endings and deleted scenes are on ? I would love to get it. :smile:
  10. This scene was on my DVD set. I've got the collectors edition that Jillybean posted. Maybe that's why?
  11. omg i didn't know about these deleted scenes but i certainly LOVE the one which was aired best!
  12. It was on mines also, I have the collectors giftset also.

    But I never seen the one where Carries on the floor at the Dior Boutique :smile:
  13. I don't have the collectors edition but my normal dvd has the alternate endings too. I prefer the actual ending too. At least it ended well, I wish there could be more. Can't get enough. Hehe