Upset with Dooney Repair

  1. OK, I have been waiting for the shoulder strap for my bag. It came back 10 weeks after shipping it in for a rivet and a belt loop.

    They forgot the darn belt loop (which was lost when the strap broke!)! I wanted to get rid of the bag. Now I am going to have to call them again.

    And anyone who has been on hold with them knows it takes forever to get a live person on-line!:sad:
  2. awwww :sad: i feel bad for you. it must be sooooooo frustrating. hope it helps that we can give you support here.
  3. omg they need to step up the customer service pronto. i'm so sorry to hear that. i wish i could say something to make you feel better! oi !
  4. Well, I did a live chat & they said to ship the strap back and they will pay for the return shipping. I told them I hope it doesn't take another 10 weeks. I saved the chat so I can highlight the key points!
  5. I can't believe their customer service is so bad. Hopefully it all works out soon.
  6. Well, before I got a chance to send it back, they sent me a free replacement. Now I can turn the frown upside down. Now to decide whether to sell it now that they may be doing away with awl.
  7. Good for you. I had terrible service from them on a bag that faded and they wouldn't do anything about it. It was only a few months old. I have not bought anything else from them.
  8. I sent in my vintage Dooney last year for a strap repair, it was coming loose on one side, and they repaired THE WRONG SIDE...
    I was NOT happy... I sent it back with an explicit note explaining that it was MORE than obvious what side was coming loose, that I was specific in my instructions... and I expected this bag to be repaired at NO COST to me...

    I finally got it back, as good as new... so at least in the end I was happy... but took soooo damned long....