Upset over my shoes!

  1. So as you know I got 3 pairs of LV's the other day

    I wore the monte carlo loafers yesturday, no socks, looked great with my outfit... i got 4 blisters! 2 on each foot in the same spots!!!! WTF!!! :cursing: :crybaby: :confused1: now I tried on my others and of course they hurt but I keep thinking the other shoes will cause blisters but it wont (im being dumb) now I cut a pair of socks to where just the toe part and maybe 3 inches of sock is left to wear which cannot be seen @ all with the shoe when wearing it to prevent blisters when it heals, think that will work. I know the shoes are new and tight too...

    any one else experience blisters with LV shoes?
  2. Oh I forgot to mention that I took 2 pairs of socks and put 1 pair in each shoe to try and stretch out the toe, I meant I STUFFED those socks in there lol
  3. Matt, my experiences with shoes even LV if they blister when they are new. Will not be a good fit even after the leather has soften a bit. Sorry, about the blisters on your toes.
  4. Sounds like the toe box is too flat also.
  5. Should I go up a size?
  6. Oh no!! I'm so sorry. I can relate...two weeks ago I bought a pair of shoes and got a huge blister on the back of my shoes..hurt like hell!!! it's finally heeled. As a woman who has been through this a thousand times, I can tell you that a sure way to get a blister is by wearing new shoes w/o will happen almost everytime. If the shoes are completely closed like your have to cushion your skin the first couple of times. I know what you're going to say..they won't like nice with socks...try those ped socks..people won't be able to see them, but it will create a barrier between you and the shoe. Now, once you have worn them a couple of times that way you will be able to wear them sockless. Now the bad news is that all your shoes will hurt until your blister has healed. Good luck!
  7. Size up would make it worst since there will be more friction against the skin and stiff leather interior. It's hard to say if breaking them in with socks will make any difference. I have many that can't be broken in even though the style is to wear them sockless. That's when I even wore peds to cushion it not to mention the band aids on my heels and toes.
  8. I think its to be expected that you will get blisters with any shoe. Your feet arent used to them and they have different wear stops if that make sense.
  9. Matt, I also have the Monte Carlo loafers and I just wore them around the house for like a week before I wore them outside. That way I could break them in so that I wouldn't get blisters from long term use...hope it all works out!
  10. The good thing is that once your blisters heal, the foot will be more calloused (sp?) there (hopefully) and therefore be less likely to blister as fast again!
  11. Wow Diva, that might just work, I may have to get those socks when I wear these with shorts. Now I can't ever recall a time when I have gotten a blister when wearing socks... so I may have to break them in with jeans...

    yeah going up a size might not work Pinki, wasn't thinking. See I hate socks, even when I wear jeans or w/e I always push the socks down as far as possible (I wear no show) and I practically walk on them but have them on to protect my feet and what not so I do plan on doing that with my 2 other sneakers from LV but now I fear getting a blister on the back on my foot by doing that lol!!!
  12. My Mum bought LV shoes because we were told by the SAs that they were super comfortable. I had always wondered whether thousand-dollar shoes are as comfortable as has been claimed...I have worn them on several occasions and literally got blisters after half an hour (if that). They are SO stunning but so uncomfortable! :sad:

    What I suggest with your situation is to put on bandaids where you know you will get blisters. That way you will prevent them!
  13. I think stretching the loafers will not help because the toe box is way too flat. Don't think you would like it stretched out of shape. May want to return them to LV and tell them it's not a good fit.

    On the other hand your sneakers will fit better in the toe area, but I got blisters on the top of my foot over the highest part of the arch. You might want to try a thin sock wearing them around your place normally, walking, kneeling, and bending will tell you if this area is too tight or not. Otherwise the toe and heel areas are fine. Good luck!
  14. Yeah I will call my SA and tell them the situation and then tell them when my blisters heal I will try wearing them strictly around the house with socks on to see if it makes a difference, if not im returnign them :sad: