Upset!!! My ghettofied balenciaga!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am so upset! I just broke the tassels off the zipper on the opening of my 2008 bubblegum city! I tried to close it and the tassels broke off right in my hand! I tried to reattach the extra tassels provided when I bought the bag and I made it look horrible cuz the knots are too big when I tied it!
  2. Oh no, I"m so sorry to hear that. Did you actually tie knots in your extra tassles, or did you loop them through (the way the tassles are originally attached)?
  3. You must be pretty strong.
    Sorry to hear but good to have extra tassels.

    Do what justpeachy says and fold the tassel in half and put the folded end through the ring just an inch or so then put the 2 ends of the tassel through the loop of the folded part of the tassel. Then tighten.

    Look at the other tassels and you will see how they are attached.

  4. I tied them and they look awful. I need to try looping them.
  5. Sometimes you can find tassels for sale on some of the online auction sites. Otherwise, if you bought your bag at a Bal boutique, they might be able to track down another set for you. So sorry!!
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    Do you fix the knot and loop it?

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  7. i think you may have tugged pretty hard for a tassel to break. i yank on mine everyday to open and close my purse and after 6's still a-ok :tup:

    either way that's what the extra tassels are there for haha