Upset!! I didn’t make it to the waitlist!!!

  1. Yes… I’ve been wanting and lusting on the 2 Miroir Lockits in Silver and in Gold.. But I’m always a late bloomer, so I didn’t make it to get one.. I made a call this morning and the SA said in HK, it was released, July 1.. AND IT IS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE ALREADY… And not to mention… THEY’RE NOT GETTING ANY STOCKS AGAIN!!! Huhuhu.. I’m soo upset that I don’t want to buy anymore handbags anymore!! Huhuhu…
  2. I am sorry to hear you were not able to waitlist for this bag. You should try contacting another LV boutique to confirm the SA's information.
  3. Oh no... I'm sorry to hear that.
  4. ^ I already tried.. She said no more waiting list. And no more bags coming in to HK.. *sad*
  5. what a bummer, sound like me. the same has happened to me numerous times before. :sad:
  6. Oh RoseMary! I'm soo upset.. :sad: I really thought I'm going to get this bag... But at the last minute.. I did not!! Huhuhu.. :sad:
  7. What is the possibility of you getting the bag from somewhere else? Like Macau?
  8. I don't think so.. Macau I'm pretty sure in Macau, it's already sold out since there's only 1 (I think?! Not so sure..) LV shop in Macau! Here in HK, we have a lot, but STILL sold out! :sad:
  9. That is not what I have been told in HK, they do not work with waitlist for miroir lockit. That means in HK, they are not doing first come first serve policy!!! Anyway, I was one of the first few to put down a request way back several months ago even before the SA knew about it. I still not able to get one, and they told me it is not first come first serve, that is why I not able to get one. No need to blame yourself to act late. We are not famous or rich enough to get one in HK......which I think LV in HK is ****.... but it is not related to the SA, they are very nice. It is just the management
  10. So these bags went to their important customers? Out of curiosity do you guys know how many each of the stores in Hong Kong got? I would assume they would be the stores that would get the most considering how popular LV is there.
  11. Actually, they're very confusing.. The guy I spoke to yesterday told me to go directly into the shop today to be on the waitlist. This morning, the lady SA I spoke to said there's no waitlist for the miroir lockits. Anyway, boo hoo.. Maybe this bag is not meant to be mine.. :crybaby:
  12. Sorry to hear. Yah, the waitlist filled up pretty fast once it was confirmed. Hope you get lucky!
  13. it's been mentioned before that Russia always has bags left over even after they have gone in the rest of the world. I don't how you'd get it to you but there's always there
  14. Oh no! I'm so sorry! :sad: Don't give up hope! :smile:
  15. Don't give up! I bet you'll find one- just keep looking! Good luck!