Upset birthday???

  1. Would you be upset if everyone seemed to forget your birthday???? My brother and sister did not even bother to call . SIL came over with a great cake and Dad gave me a card with money. DH and the kids did not get me a card or anything....... DH said I can pick out my own gift:tup:.....but it is just the thought that they could have done something more.....
    I am a bit upset.......:sad:
  2. I have to say I would be upset too. Just a quick happy birthday makes you feel great and it shows people are thinking of you. I know some family members forget my SO's B-day and he seems really down because he has had a bad family history and my family are more close to him then his own. Is it your birthday today? If so Happy birthday!!!
  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    Yeah, birthdays are big deals to some people and some people not. For those who don't care too much about their own birthdays they will not be inclined to care much about others, IMO. Now if someone is close to you and knows YOU like that call or a small gift then they should make a little extra effort.
  4. I know exactly how you feel. My birthday was 2 weeks ago and I was very disappointed. I had to get my own card, cake, gift (and the gift was supposed to be a surprise), and I also had to pick up my grandma who lives 40 minutes away and bring her to my dads house to celebrate *my* birthday. I also had to go out and get my own dinner. My dad is beyond lazy and ruined my day. After all of that though, I learned that some people don't think birthdays are as big of a deal as we might...and some people don't realize that it's just the thought that counts. Sometimes something like a card, imo, is more heartfelt than me having to go pick up my own gift (my sister picked it out, my dad didn't even know what it was or what it looked like but it was from him). All I know is his bday is coming up in a few weeks and since mine was not so important, I guess his isn't either. Don't feel aren't the only one.
  5. Happy Birthday, now that I have kids...we concentrate more on their birthdays. My birthday and my husband's, well we don't really make a big deal out of them anymore.
  6. Yes, I guess so.

    I was upset enough as it was on my birthday not to get a call from my aunt congratulating me on either 1) my wedding 2 days before or 2) my birthday.

    No card, no call, nothing...