Upset about the Neverfull

  1. SO is getting the Neverfull GM for my birthday but the local boutiques are OOS, and the authentic ones I found online, 2 sellers are uncontactable, one changed her mind about selling which we were supposed to pick up from her on last Sunday.

    SIGH I am so upset! What on earth is wrong with these people? to put up online yet not serious about selling :cursing: :crybaby:
  2. did you call 866 to see if they can locate you one so you can have it shipped to you??

    it's available on eluxury and also on
  3. wow, that sucks! sounds like you just got hit with some bad luck. have you tried let-trade?
  4. I hope you can find one soon! *crosses fingers*
  5. your title kinda implied you have complaints about the Neverfull bag, not the difficulty procuring one.

    hang in there... there's one with your name on it for sure ;)
  6. Know the Soho,NY store had stock on these bags in both the NM and GM sizes give then a call ...very nice SA that was Chewy's is named Caren
  7. Oh I am so sorry you can't get the bag you want! That is so frustrating. I remember trying to get a Babylone and it took forever to get one.

    Good luck with your purchase. The right one will come along.
  8. I also saw all the sizes in stock here at LV in Ala Moana Shopping Center. I'm not too sure how to do phone orders, but I hope you get your bag!
  9. Don't worry there will be one for you soon!:flowers:
  10. Did you call 866 to locate one? Why don't you order it from eLux? They have them in stock.
  11. Just call - our store has all sizes as well.
  12. Don't distress, it's a very popular bag but there's one out there for you. Put some pressure on your SA to call around and locate one for you if they really want to make a sale. They're out there so indicate that you'll go elsewhere if they don't get it for you.
  13. Get one transferred from another store!
  14. Just get one transferred!