Upset about retalitory neg from seller, how to respond??

  1. i recently bought my first balenciaga bag on eBay, described as being in very good condition with 'mint condition' tassles and corners and the only faults being slight darkening of the corners and handles.

    however when i received the bag i was disappointed to find that the tassles were almost split in half because the glue had come unstuck, and there was noticeable scuffing on the front and back of the bag where bits of the leather had peeled away.

    i emailed the seller about it with photos and her response was basically that the tassles were in mint condition when she posted the bag and that since i had a spare set i should just use those instead. in regards to the scuffing she stated that i should be happy with the bag considering the bargain price i paid for it.

    i replied stating that i didnt think price should have any bearing on the accuracy of an item description and didn't receive a response, so after sitting on it for a bit i decided to leave her neutral feedback stating my disappointment with the condition of the bag.

    the seller has since responded with a retalitory neg which is pretty upsetting considering the fact that i gave her every opportunity to explain herself before leaving feedback. i would have been satisfied with just an apology even but she refused to acknowledge her mistake in the matter and stated that i should not have expected a brand new bag when this was not what i expected at all.

    anyway now i'm not sure what to do next, should i just let the matter go or respond to her feedback? i think the seller may be a member of this forum so i'd be curious to see if she responds to the matter here since she won't reply to my email.

    also on another note, does anyone know if the leather on a balenciaga bag can be re-glued down if that makes any sense? thanks
  2. I would take your bag in to be looked at...maybe it can be fixed.
    I think you need to decide what you want to achive before you decide what to do. At this point do you want her to offer to take the bag back, get an apology, or warn other buyers.

    As she left you negative feedback you could leave negative feedback as well. Basically saying condition of bag was not as description indicated and seller wouldn't respond. If she gets upset I believe you can do some sort of mediation and both can mutually withdraw feedback.
  3. Did you file a SNAD?
  4. the seller refused to provide a refund or small discount for the flaws or accept any responsibility for it.
    i've already left her feedback (a neutral) to which she responded with a negative =(

    what does SNAD stand for?
  5. sold not as described. File a complaint with eBay.
  6. If she left you a neg after you left a neutral you need to play her way.
    File a sold not as described and leave a comment to your feedback left and feedback received.

    Any suggestions for the comment?

    Bag was NOT as described, should have left neg BAD SELLER!

    something like that
  7. thanks guys i will file a complaint now although i must admit i'm not expecting much to come out of it =/
  8. you never know what will happen, this is your only chance of recuperating any money back.
  9. SNAD=Significantly not as described
  10. ITA with the other posters. File a SNAD, whether or not you paid a 'bargain price', it didn't arrive how it was promised it would. You have been misled and the seller should either give you a partial refund to cover the cost of repair of refund you in full. In response to the neg, you can file for a feedback rating removal, that way her neut and your neg would both be removed however the comments will remain. Hope that helps, good luck :flowers:
  11. Sorry this has happened to you. On another note. It's very easy to re-glue the split tassles. I use Gel Super Glue and it does a great job. Use it sparingly, though, and keep it well away from your bag. I removed the tassles to do the job safely. Tassles will be back to normal within a very short period. As far as scuffs on the bag are concerned and the leather peeling, you could try Super Glue, but you might have to send it for repair. LMB might be able to do the job for you, if you are in the US. They will always give you a quote. Really hope it works out well for you. It sounds like you have a SNAD on your hands. Best of luck!
  12. thanks for your replies guys! i will try superglue on the tassles but i'm in australia so we don't have any balenciaga stores that can do repairs here. i might take the bag to a shoe repairer and see if they can fix the leather.

    just out of curiosity, is it a common problem for tassles on the bags to split apart? to be honest i would have expected better quality from a designer bag. being my first balenciaga bag i'm not really sure what to expect, but i've had a few LV bags for ages and never had any problems with seams splitting or peeling etc
  13. Yes, I think all the tassles split. I think they look just as good, if not better.
  14. I think it depends on how much you love the bag, you know? I mean, if you're willing to "fix" it - then keep it...but I'm very very sorry she left nasty feedback. That wasn't cool, considering you left neutral which has no bearing on her percentage. Not nice.
    It's also very awkward IMO, if they're TPF member, because I don't like talking sh!@# about anyone here....:confused1:
    If you're on the fence about the bag, then I would file a SNAD and try to get your money back.
    It might be a long uphill battle though - feedback has been left, and whatnot, but you can tell them you had tried to communicate your unhappiness with the seller and she was not helpful or considerate.
    I'm so sorry that this happened....
  15. You only have a certain amount of time to file so hopefully you can still do it.
    That is absolute BULL when they leave neg like that - grow UP!
    I would def. comment on the FB- in ALL CAPS so it stands out - and in a very mature, calm ,way. When I am buying I look at that and that goes into my consideration to buy - who looks like the more 'normal' person KWIM?
    You should comment on what she ledt you AND what you left her - so buyers can see it.
    I hope she IS a TPF member and is READING THIS. :cursing: