Upset about my silver sabrina


Mar 12, 2009
so it seems coach hasnt been so good to me. my carly was fraying at the top so i was able to exchange and i got a silver sabrina which im in love with. Ive had it for a month and only used it 2x and today i got caught in a little drizzle. well i figured the drops would dry and my bag would be fine but now i have drops all over my bag that will not go away. im pretty bummed:cry:. im going to the boutique tomorrow to see what they say but if every time i go in the rain my bag needs to be clean im gonna want a different bag. just thought id vent and see if anyone else had this problem
Mar 9, 2009
ouch, that sucks! i adore the silver metallic, but i've always been wary of the material. i have the wristlet, and i worry about it rubbing off, getting wet, etc. because it does seem delicate. hope they can do something about it for u!


Jul 26, 2007
Oh, I am so sorry. I got caught in the rain the other day with my Leigh. I stuck it under my shirt and ran to the car. My dh thought I was crazy, but I was not taking any chance with Legacy leather. Hopefully in a day or two the bag will even out again.


Broadway Baby
Aug 1, 2008
I am really sorry. I am with the the hopeful crowd waiting to see if it evens out after a day or so. That is a stunning bag, and I know you must be so disappointed. I hope you get her good as new!

Then they shouldn't make a bag and sell it for that price that can't take a few drops of rain! :tdown:

Why not? Who should determine what they "should" make bags out of?

Manufacturer defects are one thing, but this is not the case. Does it really make sense to argue that bag designers shouldn't be allowed to use delicate materials? Why can't consumers decide for themselves if it is a good price for the materials? There is no defect and no deception at play: either you have the beautiful bag in the fragile material, or you choose something sturdier and possibly less lovely.

By that logic, lambskin, exotics, vachetta, satin, silk, and a whole host of other materials "should not" be sold as bags.


Handbag Warrior
May 6, 2008
Sometimes the spots will go away after a few days. I hope they at least fade for you, that is one beautiful bag. I always carry a small umbrella in my bag just in case there is rain. People barely even notice that I'm using it to shield my bag and not my head! For smaller bags I just bring a plastic bag to throw over it if necessary.


Get Yer Ya Ya's Out!
Nov 8, 2008
Coach_Cutie ~ sorry about your bag getting spots from the rain. But I guess I have to agree that it's not Coach's fault. I hope the spots even out over time or that the boutique does have a solution for you. But Coach really isn't to blame this time. (((hugs)))


Sep 25, 2008
Sorry your bag spotted. I was afraid of that happening. It's why I couldn't buy the Silver Sabrina as much as I love the material. Dirt, scuffs and water always seem to find a way onto my bags. I bought the mini skinny just to have a tiny bit of it, though.