Upset about my keychain...

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  1. I bought a keychain from Coach in Barstow on my way back from Vegas and have BARELY used it..I just literally put it on my keys a few days ago. Today when getting into my car I noticed that 2 of the rhinestones are already missing from the keychain! :cursing::crybaby: It is one of the rhinestone ones that spell out COACH on the keychain. I have not banged it on anything or mishandled it in any way. Is this common for their rhinestone keychains? I am so upset about it. You would think that paying 28 for a keychain, that they would at least look nice for a while, not fall apart as soon as I get it. I am too far from Barstow to drive back so I guess I just take the loss and never use it because I dont like the way it looks anymore and I am sure that I will lose more stones the more I use it. WAHHHHHHHHH! :crybaby:
  2. Can you call the manager and ask if you can mail it back and have them send you a replacement? Or give you a store credit?
  3. Uuuggghhh. That really sucks! I haven't been in that situation so I'm not sure what advice to tell ya. Hopefully someone has been in a similar situation and can give you some pointers. Keep us posted! I'd like to see how this turns out for ya :o)
  4. Yes, this totall sucks! I did have the keychain with several pink hearts and a couple of them were rhinestone hearts and the exact same thing happened to mine ARGH!
  5. since you just bought and most likely have the receipt, if there is not an outlet close to you...take it to the boutique and explain to them what happened....they wont be abe to replace it but they will probably give you store credit...i had the same thing happen to me but was able to take it back to the outlet and they replaced it for can return outlet items to a boutique as long as you have the receipt
    good luck!!!
  6. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem with the keychains that contain rhinestones. They are only glued on and it doesn't take much for them to fall out.
  7. ^^ ahh i knew they were too cute to last long ^^
  8. has anyone tried painting some clear nail polish on them as soon as you get them? that may help keep the stones on
  9. Never even thought about the nail polish, but Note to self: NEVER buy anymore of the rhinestone keychains from Coach... I am so upset, but good thing I did not pay the full retail price. Then I would be livid! Even still, 28 is still a lot for just a keychain. You would think they would last a bit longer. Grrrr *grumble grumble*
  10. Not to be rude

    But did you even try taking it back to the store with reciept and getting store credit or replacing it before grumbling?

    Like someone else said, rhinestones tend to fall out and you just happen to have had bad luck.

    But I think that's the great thing about coach, if it falls out we will replace it with another one or if the exact one is sold out we will give you store credit towards another purchase.

    I don't think there's a lot of companies that do that.