Upset about Jet Setter Jr. Glazed Leather

  1. Hi all! My black glazed Jet Setter Jr.'s handles look awful! I have only had it a month and a half, and the glazing on the handles is completely worn-off and grey. What should I do, and does anybody else have this problem with the glazed leather?
  2. I just bought a Jr. JetSetter and the bottom corners of the bag are the same way. I hope this isn't something that happens a lot w/ the glazed leather AC. Someone else suggested contacting Anna Corinna to find out about repairs. I will look into it and let you know.
  3. Don't know about the glazed leather...I am not really a glazed kind of person but I know that my AC City leather is holding up great...but if 2 people are having a problem then you should probably call the place you got the bags and ask them about it.

    I want a Jet Setter...besides your leather problem, do you like it?
  4. Besides the leather issue, I love it. After looking at the bag, this is what I think is happening.
    They took black/dark gray leather, glazed it in a colored glaze (mine is dark purple) and the glaze is VERY thin. On areas that are exposed or get used (handles & corners) the glaze cracks & falls off, exposing what is underneath.
    Ranirob-Does that sound like what is happening to your handles?
  5. I did my research and this is the "craftsmen" explaination of how they glaze leather. Here it is:
    Glazed Leather: Aniline-dyed leather which has been polished to a high luster by passing through glass or steel rollers under great pressure.

    I don't think that AC uses this process b/c the glaze wears off-hence that is why we see black/gray underneath.