Upscale Hair Salons

  1. Have you ever been to any upscale hair salons such as JONATHAN, Robert Cromeans, or Umberto? If so, what are your thoughts about them?:biggrin:
  2. I've been going to Umberto for over ten years to the same guy, Christian V. He's the greatest! I have lots of really thick hair. He's dong a great job of cutting my hair whether it's long or short. And he's very nice--so not snotty or full of attitude. His cuts are amazing--I can get away with going only about 4-5 times a year. He has to be good--I drive about 2 hours ONE way to go see him!

    I think the best test to tell if you've got a great cut is whether or not it grows out well. Christian's cuts always grow out great!
  3. I have not been to any of the upscale places you mention, but let me tell you, you have not LIVED until you've had your hair cut in a salon in Paris. I try to go there a couple times a year and just get trims in between. I have very fine hair and there is only one person there that can layer my hair properly.
  4. haha, seeing jonathans on the show blow out makes me laugh. and i have the hardest time finding it when i'm driving through the business part of beverly hills.
  5. I haven't been to those places since I live in NJ, but I think no matter how you pay you could get a good haircut or a bad one. I've spent a lot of money in certain places and left unhappy. So, imo it depends mroe on the stylist than price.
  6. since i don't live in Beverly Hills or Manhattan, i don't go to any place famous, but i do go to one of the best salons in Atlanta (they have their own product and stuff) and i'm quite pleased. i just go for color, though. my hair is very curly and looks the same no matter how hard a stylist tries to 'style' it. most of them don't understand curly hair, so i stopped trying a long time ago.
  7. Robert Cromeans is DIVINE....
  8. I've been to both upscale and neighborhood places over the last few years, and have to agree that it's the stylist rather than the salon that makes the difference. One of the best haircuts I've ever had was from a predominantly Puerto Rican salon on E 47th, I think. Little neighborhood place, lots of shampoo-and-sets going on, but man, the woman who cut my hair knew what she was doing. Also was going to the stylist who cuts all my in-laws' hair for a while (little strip-mall salon) and she was also great, but she's cut back her hours and is impossible to get an appointment with.

    Right now I'm growing my hair out, so haven't been getting much in the way of cuts the last few months, but have been going to Jersi Salon on Beverly Blvd. and Robertson. He was recommended to me, and he's a genius with color. When I did have him cut it short last year, he did a great job; used a razor which really gave my fine hair a lot of body. My only gripe is that he always insists on finishing off with this waxy pommade (to make it look "piece-y") which just makes my hair look flat and greasy after a couple of hours, so I usually have to go home and wash it out.
  9. I am still on the hunt for someone who can do my hair well... Haven't really found anyone yet and that annoys the living hell out of me!
  10. I go once or twice a year to Daniel Hersheshon in London, and in between I have the most fabulous stylist right here in town! We joke that I've been with her longer than I've been with my husband. :P
  11. Amen to that, they see curly hair coming and they want to fluff it up as big as possible.:hrmm:
  12. Have you ever tried a Ouidad salon? I always heard that if they carry the products they have stylists trained in a certain way to cut curly hair. My friends with really curly hair swear by them.

    Anyway, as for the original question... I don't go to a high end one, its middle of the road and I found that I like my stylist there better than more expensive ones I've I just save my money!

    And as for getting hair cut in Paris, lol....that was was the WORST haircut I ever had in my life... and all my roommates we all got haircuts at different times and different salons and we all looked horrendous, lol, at least we looked horrendous together!
  13. Living in Miami, I feel the need to throw in a good word for this part of the country - my salon in South Miami, "Bellezza" is as good as they get - The amazing colorist Jack is in a class by himself - I go there for cut, color, nails and when I have some extra money, a great massage!!
  14. My boyfriend had an excellent cut in Paris, as well. He thought he looked gay but I thought it was super cute.
    At the same time he was doing that, I was having my own good cut in a nice but inexpensive salon in Buenos Aires. I was relieved that the guy did my hair so well since we did not understand each other at all.

    At home, I go to a really cool guy - Joel at the "wave on washington". he's fantastic.
  15. I am curious about going to a "salon" but the few times I have tried anything different -- whether it was a permanent many years ago, or highlights, or even layers -- I've been sorry. I have to keep it simple -- wash and wear, every day --so I go to Supercuts, and keep it all one length, slightly angled. I go pretty often though cause I hate for it to get even a half inch longer than what I think is the correct length for me. I just don't want any stress or drama with the hair.