Upscale clothing brands for teenagers?

  1. What are some brand for teenagers that are stylish and high class (i really like french brands..and non-chain store brands)?
    I ahte seeing teenagers wear adult brands though like burberry, chanel, feels weird. Maybe in 5 years I'll be able to wear those brands comfortably.

    For example, kids and babies have bonpoint and Pamp' about us teens? It seems like we're stuck in between kids and adults.
  2. I think the contemporary department is geared towards younger people, brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Joie, Laundry, etc.
  3. Well I'm a "teenager" (16) and I absolutely love high end "adult" clothing, e.g. chanel, dior, chloe. However, you'll find alot of these brands do run a younger line, some of my faves are;

    *Miu miu
    *See by chloe
    *Marc by marc jacobs
  4. I think the constemporary department blurrs the line between teen and adult (ie Diane von Furstenburg and the like) and I think they can be worth by both.

    Why not look at D&G, Marc by MJ, Armani Exchange, FCUK, Juicy Couture (non-track suit related)? I think clothes are what you make of them. Yes, some brands in general cater to "older" women (think St. John) but mix and match is key. I think that is less important than what the brand actually is. So long as it works and you love it, but it. It doesn't have to be a name brand to be "teen clothing".
  5. I agree that the line between teen and adult are blurred, and I second French Connection.
    And really, everyone's body and personal style are all different, so the brand wouldn't really matter particularly.
  6. Wow..I think there's TONS of great stuff out there for us teenagers. Cusp, Barneys Co-Op, Shop Bop and Revolve Clothing have a lot of stuff suitable for us..things like Laundry, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alice & Olivia, Betsy Johnson, Catherine Malandrino, M by Missoni, Nanette Lepore, Ralph Lauren Rugby, etc.
  7. i agree with contemporary.
    see the brands that carry
    they can definitely be worn by teens/young adults
  8. Definitely Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Chloe... IDK if Juicy Couture counts, but there's a lot of that too. And of course the designer jeans...7FAM, True Religion, etc. Not really the "highest" fashion, but still more than the average Abercrombie.
  9. I dont know if your looking for a store to shop at or not, but I love CUSP. Neiman Marcus owns it, and they have almost all the brands that are popular upscale teenage brands
  10. My closet is a mix. I have designers like Nicole Miller, Ralph Lauren, a few Dior pieces, but for school I definatly stick with Abercrombie, Hollister, etc. Its affordable, comfortable, fits great (Love their sweaters) and I dont have to worry about getting stuff on it at school.
  11. see by chloe is my fav i love mui mui too
  12. free people! they make great clothes for teens as well as older women!
  13. I wear Ralph Lauren , some juicy , abercrombie and in the Uk theres a clothes store, quite a preppy style called jackwills, i shop there. And franch connection! For jeans levis and seven
  14. I totally agree! :yes: Your closet sounds like mine, lol!
  15. My favorite is probably Marc by Marc Jacobs because to me, it has that fun teen thing along w/ some class.

    I don't really focus on a specific brand though, I just go to department stores and see what I like. I'm not into brands on ym clothing so it doesn't really matter to me who made it.