1. I'm extremely happy that my package from SH came in about 2 days ago but I got super mad when I heard (from my sister) how UPS delievered it.

    She told me that no one was home and THEY JUST LEFT THE PACKAGE AT THE DOOR!! Dont they usually leave up to 3 notices and then if you still arent home when they deliver it, they tell you to pick it up?!

    I live in an apartment building and its dangerous to just leave packages out! I'm relieved that no one took the package but if they did, that would've been $450+ lin bags lost!! :cursing:

    They tried to keep the box safe buy sticking their UPS notice forms on the sides to cover the "LeSportsac" name that was printed on it.. but the return address still says "Southampton LeSportsac"!

    Has anyone have this problem before? I only had one other package from UPS but they left me notices saying they'll come back the next day! I have another order from SH coming in.. and I dont want that to happen again.

    But other than this rant, I LOVE MY NEW BAGS!! :yahoo:I'll post pictures later.. I'm on my bf's computer.

    Hope everyone's packages have save deliveries!
  2. if you ask them to have you sign for it, they will do that. i remember them asking me if i wanted that option, but i said no because i'm never home at the time our ups guy comes.
  3. hmm.. I didnt ask them though. Thats why I'm so :confused1: as to why they just left it there.
  4. UPS will just drop off packages without signature unless the shipper either requests a signature from the receiver OR if the shipper purchases insurance for higher value contents.

    Of course, when we lived in an apartment complex, the UPS guy always left our packages with the front office of the complex. I guess it depends on where you live?
  5. They did that with my Amore Gioco and Denaro, luckily I don't have a job so I was home but yeah it's not really cool. I'm glad I live in a pretty middle-of-nowhere area though, stealing doesn't really happen around here.

    I could see how it would be REALLY dumb to leave them at a doorstep in a busier area/apartment!
  6. Yeah, SH outlet last time had mine shipped w/signature (which I totally do not need and did not want and they did not tell me!) and I wasn't home to get it and it was Friday before the weekend and they weren't going to redeliver until MON. when I wasn't going to be home either so I had to CALL UPS and they at least nicely hooked me up w/the delivery guy who was still in the area at the time...of course I had to load baby into car and drive off to meet him at an intersection! The things we do for tokis! And to think I paid $8.50 to go through all that! I live in a neighborhood where its not necessary to have signatures and rarely is anything shipped here needing a sig. Oh well! I can't stand UPS anymore....they really STINK!!! My last shipment from Seattle took 7 days to arrive.....
  7. Aww Dana, I'm sorry that happened to you. IDK, but I think all post services suck. I have no faith in them already.
  8. Yeah, UPS ground is OK if it's shipping from east coast to me, but when it's coming from CA to OH, it take like 5 days. And the order I placed with the Seattle outlet last Sunday still is not here (should be in tomorrow), so that will 7 days.
  9. yeah, me too! NY outlets only take 2-3 days to get to me, but west coast is like....forever!
  10. Mine was a really odd case. It was Misdelivered TWICE and on the second attempt was signed by some strange person in a 'back apt'...sorry guys for mentioning it again...I'm just heated again and think of it whenever I think of UPS deficiencies. They did an investigation, but 15 mins a day for 6-8 days trying to track down someone else's mistake is not the most efficient way to find ANYTHING...I'm shocked they recover any lost packages like that at all. I've been noticing my UPS guys lately..and they're always different now. I even went house to house trying to track down people with similar addresses or names that look like the signature like a freak...on several occasions.. I stopped when my mom told me..this could be valid as harrassment... Then I got scared. lol

    Thank God the Lesportsac girls found another box of PG bb's then and were willing to replace my order when only
    $108 worth was covered by the UPS. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else..

    What gets me mad also is the UPS guy claiming no one would really steal my package because any of their Amazon packages would potentially cost more..
  11. Wow, so they replaced your order and you didn't lose any money? That's great! That would probably explain why they started requiring signatures. My shipments from didn't before then from there.
  12. SempreII - I'm glad you were able to get your money back! And I'm really glad I got my bags safely! It just annoyed me so much that they just left it there when they usually try to deliver it again!

    Jess - Thanks! I still have faith in the USPS.. but I'm not liking UPS at the moment.. bleh
  13. yea, I got everything- well almost everything back-( they were sold out of 1 thing), thanks to the girls there. They could've just easily told me there's nothing they could do once it leaves the store it's not their responsibility or that I'd have to file with UPS but it was only insured for about 100.

    I was psyched when they called me back- I was on my way to school on the LIRR and was half asleep when they called.

    Thank god nothing happened to your stuff...I wonder if this happens often with the UPS- your situation, I mean
  14. I'm not sure but I hope not! Unless the person wanted it to be left there.

    I would ask for a signature requirement but I'm never home when they come :sad:

    I'm glad they deliver to my door but in this case, I rather pick it up from the post office..
  15. UPS always leaves my packages even when it's signed for. I always look it up online and if it requires a signature it's always some obscure name :push: only twice has a signed package been left w/ my office other than that I have roberto or marcus or something signing my packages!

    USPS is better tho... they've been leaving me notes :biggrin: