UPS Undeliverable Package Question

  1. I ordered about 15 DVDs from for my nieces and nephew in Colorado. They were shipped in about six or seven different packages. Today I started receiving notices from saying my account would be credited b/c the boxes had been returned from UPS as undeliverable.

    There were several reasons given:

    unexpected delay in delivery due to external factors
    reason unknown
    signature needed and no one was home
    shipment refused

    Sorry, I can't remember all of the exact wording. Has anyone had this happen? What does it mean? My family did not refuse the shipment!!!!

    Neither UPS or has answered my e-mails and I'm really curious.:shrugs:
  2. I've gotten the notice from the USPS that my package from was undeliverable because it was tampered with. When I did receive the package, I was supposed to get three DVD's, but only one was in the package. I'm not sure if the error happened before it got sent out from amazon or if it happened at the post office. The box didn't look like anyone tried to open it, so I'm assuming that the error happened at amazon. I contacted customer service & they sent over the two missing DVD's without any questions.

    I hope that they sort it out for you.