UPS - This is RIDICULOUS....

  1. I ordered a package from Southhampton last week. Last Tuesday morning (the 18th) to be exact.

    It was shipped on the 19th. It spent a day sitting in New Jersey. 3 days in transit to Illinois where it sat another day.

    Finally it got to Denver (the south side) on Sunday night where it sat for another 24 hours. It was an hour away from me. I really thought it would get here today but all they did was ship it FURTHER AWAY FROM ME to the North side of Denver where it is now sitting again.

    I bet I don't see it at this point until tomorrow or Thursday......

    I know it will get her "eventually" but I WANT MY ZUCCAS!
  2. what?? thats pretty long?? Ive ordered from SH & Woodbury and it got to Annieb's place (TN) in like 2-3 days tops! I hope you get your bags :biggrin:
  3. yeah...if I don't get shauna on the phone to not take my order.:yes: :lol:
  4. I hope you dont get her on the phone again! She'll probably screw things over ..
  5. Well, if she does, I will absolutely positively go the extra mile to report her to corporate and her manager. I'm a busy Mom and the only time I get to myself is having fun on this forum and if I have to take the extra time to stick it to someone then I guess I'll make the effort because she will then be asking for it.
  6. I think you should report her a$$..argh..she sure is messing your fun :lol: <--thats to make you smile since you like it :biggrin:
  7. You sweet girl!:love: You're just sayin' all the nice stuff cuz I shipped you 4 lbs. of toki :heart: !!!!!! I'm passing time until the outlet opens so I can call and hopefully get more abuse!
  8. Nope Im not just saying just because you shipped my my 4lbs of toki :lol: ...youre too funny ...I think they should be open now?? :shrugs: :lol:
  9. nope....not for another half hour..and then the times I've called this early Lindsey and Diane have been in late so I don't think I'll call immediately....might have to talk to shauna....does she have a day off? Thats the day to call!
  10. The next time you call, ask the other SA's when shes off, that way you can avoid calling her the days shes in haha
  11. Thats sad to try to call and avoid her, just tell her shes a mean nasty bioch and u want to talk to some1 else! Dont let her get to you!
  12. My Inferno denaro that I ordered on the 17th... It spent FOUR days getting from NJ to CA!! I drove cross country from Oakland to St. Louis in less than two days, come on! *lol* And it's scheduled to arrive at my parents house tomorrow, the 25th. Slooooooooooooooooooooooow!! And my MM is scheduled to arrive on the 30th. Booooooooooooooooo! *lol* UPS is a snail.
  13. Swtest2lips::lol: you crack me up haha!

    Maya: I have no idea why it so slow for you guys?? Very weird...maybe they are reading our posts and then just making it go slower? The one from Seattle took about 4-5 days to Annieb's place :shrugs:
  14. 4 days from NJ to CA is way better than the 6 days it's been so far from NJ to CO!
  15. I'm really starting to dislike the UPS. Someone told me they even opened 2 of her packages before they arrived!

    Does anyone know how to tell if a seller actually gets insurance for something you bought?