UPS Pre-Employment Tests, HELP!!!!!!!!

  1. I'm being considered for a professional level position, I'm scheduled to take the tests next week. They don't give you further information about the test or anything..they only said the test take 2.5 hours to complete and that there is (1) oral math, (1) writing skills, and (1) public speaking...I really want this job....I'm nervous, I don't want to fail:sweatdrop:....oral math? :confused1:

    I already passed the management test (1 hour), but I'm not a good writer, Any advise? Have you been recently hired by UPS at a professional level? TIA!!!
  2. I don't know if you want to spend money on getting the goods from insiders but I've used Vault before when I REALLY wanted a job... They have reviews of pretty much every company written by actual employees and people who have applied for jobs and such... They talk about all aspects of the interview process...

    Good luck! I'm sure you will do great!
  3. Isn't oral math when they ask you a math question and you have to supply an answer for the sum from your memory... not getting to figure it out on paper?

    I'd choke on that... I can't balance my checkbook without a calculator!

    Good luck honey!!!
  4. I'm in deep s%$%^hit! me sad! I'm more a visual person, I would need a paper...:push:
  5. Oh, me too honey... me too!! You need a little headset where someone feeds you the answers, you know? LOL!
  6. GoodLuck To you...
  7. The concept for this site is an interesting one, but it requires a membership fee to access the reports.
  8. I wish you luck!
  9. :yes: yep, that's Vault's business model. They've been around for a while and are well known and respected for having accurate "insider" information on companies.

    But the discussion boards are free, and depending on the company, pretty active. Most posters on the boards ask for advice on recruitment, what it's like to work at a particular company, etc. Sometimes employees of companies participate to help job seekers.