UPS lost my package!! What happens now??

  1. I'm basically in tears here - UPS claims to have delivered a package this afternoon that I never received. It was from Banana Republic - I called UPS and they said they couldn't do anything about a lost package unless BR complains (WTH?). So I called BR and they were very nice, put a tracer out for the package, and now I wait. The chances that the package was stolen are so slim - I live in a building with a security door (which UPS has a key to) and my neighbors weren't home to steal it (I only have 4 neighbors too, so it would be easy to place blame). I got home literally 20 min after the package was supposedly delivered. I live in a big complex - I'm sure the package was misdelivered. What happens now? The package had a lot of merchandise in it, I'm just sick over being out so much money!! :crybaby:
  2. Oh my god, that's horrible! This definitely needs to be brought up with UPS...they shouldn't just leave packages at the door...usually they leave a note saying to pick it up at the post office!

    Maybe you could try contacting BR's customer service to have them complain and possibly get a refund or for UPS to reimburse you?

    Good luck!!!
  3. Something like that happened to me except it was Fedex, and I was the one who sent it out. Fedex claimed they delivered it and said they will do a trace. I asked what that means and basically the driver goes back to the location where they had delivered the package to make sure it was the right location. They told me it was correct so case close, nothing they can do! Luckily my buyer found out it was delivered to her neighbors by mistake! Basically Fedex lied. Did a trace? Yeah ok. If they did in fact make a trace, then that means the driver went to the wrong location twice?! Since you live in a big complex, it's a possibility it was delivered to your neighbors. I'm not saying UPS (I have a lot of very good experiences w/ them) is going to be like Fedex. Just wait, perhaps UPS can find out what happened. They may be honest and tell you it went to the wrong address. Either way, this is not your fault. If UPS doesn't help, then BR would. Technically it's the seller's responsibility. When Fedex told me there's nothing they can do and that I will just have to resend the items in the package (as if I can do that since it was bag sold on eBay). So in your case, BR will have to resend your items. Don't worry, I'm sure you will not lose out on anything here. You are the consumer who paid for something that was never received. Totally not your fault, don't worry.
  4. For such a big company, I am pretty sure their customer service will take care of it. Just stay calm. I am pretty sure either BR or UPS will result this problem. Worse comes worse, your cc will take care of it.
  5. I think she's talking about UPS (United Parcel Service?) not the USPS (United States Postal Service). I hate it when the USPS leaves a note instead of a package, because they close at the same time I get off work. It's impossible to pick up a package during my available hours. I've got most of the postal people trained to deliver to my ground level back door.

    UPS is usually pretty decent - but I think that is dependent on the driver, too. Some drivers won't do anything more than they have to!

    Good luck with this, I'm sure it will come out right!
  6. UPS doesn't ever bring anything to the post office for pick up. Unless the sender of the package required a signature for the package(which it sounds like they didn't), UPS almost always just leaves packages at the door. The only way to find out what happened is the tracer, which was already done. Hope everything works out for you!
  7. Don't Panic. As an earlier poster said you are not going to be out the money. Plus, you bought from Banana Republic, so they can replace the merchandise.

    UPS does make errors--often. Just last week I am talking to my sister who was commenting that UPS was supposed to be delivering shoes she had ordered. She lives on Slater Lane. Two blocks over is a block called Slater St. There is a house on Slater St. with her same address. She double checked her conf. number and saw the package was delivered. Before even calling UPS she called her neighbor and yes, they had the package!
  8. Thanks for the reassurance, ladies! I just got a call back from UPS, the driver is going to do a trace tomorrow (apparently the UPS trace is more extensive - the driver has to check every location he went to yesterday). The local UPS was a bit miffed at me for putting a trace on the package for that reason - the customer service guy said that it was sort of a waste of time. But without the trace the national UPS people said they wouldn't even look for the package, so who knows. But if the driver can't find the package tomorrow, I sign a reimbursement waiver and get my merchandise redelivered. So I'm not out any money, which is a relief. I've gotten packages here from UPS before, I don't know why it would have been a problem today, but I am going to go snoop and look through the other security doors on my building and see if the package is there.
  9. I have had nightmares with UPS as well. Once they claimed that they were attempting delivery and delivery was refused. Absolutely not true! When I tracked the package online, it said that delivery was attempted
    3 TIMES and refused 3 TIMES. I was at home for all of those days listed and I would not have refused it! I wanted that package badly! It took many many phone calls to who knows where, and I had to actually drive out to where the package was and rescue it, (I had to wait about 30 minutes while this guy rummaged around looking for it) as it was slated to be returned that day! It was crazy!!!
  10. Oh, the nightmares I've had with UPS. Once, a package just disappeared in transit. Never did show up. Another time, the sender paid for signature required, but they just left it on my porch. You could even see where the "signature required" sticker was -- they just peeled it off! Another package was misrouted, and went all over the place, I could see it on the tracer. However, once it was delivered, all the crazy places it had been to mysteriously dropped off and it just looked like it went through all the proper channels. Add to that the time I caught the delivery person throwing packages up on my second-story porch because he didn't feel like coming up the steps, and placing small fragile packages under a trash can lid in the middle of the driveway, and you can see why I hate UPS. Never had a problem with the post office.

    I'm glad your problem is getting worked out! :wlae:
  11. update..
    did they find your package??
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Sorry, those are indeed nightmarish deliveries which I wouldn't wish upon anyone, but they're hilarious!
  13. Oh man, sorry about your stories, toto! My saga ended up ok - the package was misdelivered, but the woman who it was accidentally delivered to was luckily very nice and called me, then brought it over to me. The only problem I had was the next day with the UPS guy, who had to get me to sign a release on the tracer. He was NOT HAPPY with me for putting a tracer on the package (which I cancelled as soon as I found the package) and getting him in trouble. So I guess I'm now at odds with the UPS guy, but I did get the package!
  14. its not your fault its his!!! he should even check the address properly before delivering to your next door.

    men!! if that this happened to me , i'll ***** him out:lecture: its his job to deliver the packaage are lucky that a nice neighbor return that package , what if you encounter a neighbor that is dishonest?

    glad that everything went okey.