UPS/Landlord problem...What do I do?

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  1. I am so upset! It's a long story but I need some advice on what to do. Yesterday UPS left a message on my phone indicating that they would be delivering my Kooba Kelsey bag and a signature was required for release. I wasn't going to be home but they'll just return it to the warehouse (HUB) and I could pick it up at a later time like I had done so in the past. I got home and no package from UPS although I did receive a package through the postal service. I thought it was strange but figured they'd deliver the next day and the call was more of a heads up.

    Well, the next morning when I left for work at 7am, there was a box on my doorstep. An OPENED box. Inside, I found my Kooba in it's dustbag along with my shipping slip, order receipt, and a card.

    I called UPS and their representative indicated that my rental office signed for it. I explained that yes I did live in an apt. but there was no rental office. He reported that my manager signed for my package. I was upset and asked why would someone give it to my manager and how they knew who my manager was. He explained that they had seasoned drivers who knew complexes and were familiar with the area. So sometimes they'll hand your package to a direct neighbor. I explained to the rep. that the manager lives in an apt. indiscernible from mine and she does not have any identifying information i.e. a plaque, sign on her door that indicates she is the manager. She's in apt #5 and I'm in #7. She's not my direct neighbor and managers are usually in apt #1.

    My bag seems fine although I haven't really scrutinized it yet. I'm upset that it was given to someone other than me and that it was opened as a result. Furthermore, the box was left OPEN on my doorstep. If my child opened the box I would have taped it up. However, it looked like it was opened by an adult. The shipping label was attached on top of the sealed box in a plastic cover per my conversation with Karizma boutique whom I ordered from. The box was opened neatly as if it had been cut with an exacto knife as there is a line mark on my shipping label.

    I definitely will be writing to UPS about their practices. What do I do with my landlord? I'm afraid if I confront her, the rent price will go up due to "cost of living" increases. I know they can't do this but c'mon. Can you argue that prices are not increasing everywhere? Look at gas prices. Or I'm afraid that she'll "lose" my rent check or God knows what else.

    What do I do? What can I do? Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for hearing me out.
  2. Isn't what she did illegal? I know that opening USPS packages is but I am unsure about UPS packages?

    Where did she get off opening YOUR package!?! You definately NEED to speak with her directly about this. Ask her if in fact the package was delivered to her first. Maybe the UPS is wrong and actually did leave it with someone else. I think you actually got lucky you received the package. UGH. The nerve of someone opening your package! If she did receive it ask her why she opened it. If not, let her know that someone in your complex accepted a package with your name and opened it. Also, what on earth were they doing leaving it on your door for anyone to grab!?! I mean the UPS guy could have done that!
  3. i'm with syntagma here

    i get annoying neighbors who opens my sealed magazines but what can i do? i don't know who it is and i didn't see it happen.

    but opened mail is an offense nonetheless

    and i am assuming it did have your address up front so they can't deny that they were just trying to find out 'whose' it is

    it is a tough thing, i really am tempted to tell you to confront the manager but i know what you mean about her getting back at you with raised rents except..

    is she the owner of the building?

    because managers can't raise the rent themselves

    and if she isn't the owner, i would approach the owner OR request a meeting with both the owner and the manager so the manager doesn't feel like she is being stabbed in the back, at least she is present.

    and in the future, because she will be pissed no matter what and you never know, i would suggest mailing it to your office if possible since UPS and fedex ususally deliver in morning and afternoon

    or, if ordering from a store and they were out, have it sent to the store, that way it's more secure and you can hold them accountable.

    sorry to hear about your experience but at least the bag is not harmed~!
  4. I guess there's the possibility that she was expecting a package too, and just opened it up without looking at who it was addressed to...maybe?

    Regarding UPS...if there's no sign or any other way to know who your bldg mgr is, how did the UPS guy know? Perhaps he indeed was familiar with the bldg and knew who she was.
  5. Thanks for the advice given. There's an unlikely possibility that she was waiting for a package. She's actually taken the boxes off my doorstep in the past and waited until I've gotten home and the given them to me. I've already told her that my packages are fine on my doorstep and I always get them. I order online a lot and have yet to miss one package.

    As far as her thinking it was hers, I'm sure the UPS man would have at least asked if she was me. I'm Chinese and my landlord's last name is Gomez. I know there are mixed people out there but not everyone is mixed.

    The opened package just pisses me off because my identifying information is there. Luckily, my credit card number was not there. She doesn't need to know what I buy or from where and how much it cost. And the nerve to not even tape the box up!
  6. Next time you order something can you specify with UPS that you do NOT want your package left with anyone else? How convenient is it for you to go to the UPS center to get it? Maybe you could request they leave a tried to deliver notice and get them yourself if it isn't too much trouble.

    I hate other people opening my packages or even having the box in their posession!
  7. i would seriously just call UPS, file a compliant, and press charges...just because she is your landlord DOES NOT give her the right to open your mail...thats just wrong
  8. There is an inherent danger that with anything that gets sent to you that it may not arrive, whether it is misdelivered, stolen, etc. You have some options to increase the probability that your items arrive safely:
    • Have them delivered to your workplace.
    • Be home the day of delivery.
    • Direct the shipper to leave the package at their facility for pickup. (This needs to be done before it is OUT FOR DELIVERY)
    I order a lot of stuff, no doubt more than I should. :p A few weeks ago the UPS driver unceremoniously dumped my new espresso machine on my back steps, didn't bother to ring the doorbell. I doubt it was out there long, as I had been tracking it and waiting for it to arrive.

    Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing which neighbor opened your package, unless you can get a signature verification from UPS. Since there is no damage done to your item, I wouldn't pursue it.
  9. I would ONLY have stuff delivered to yer work addy from now on..Or MOVE..LOL,UGH!!!That so sucks.....Id totally confront the person or it would drive me BONKERS!!
  10. I'd stare at her until her head explodes.
  11. Completely agreed! Your landlord had no right to sign your package.
  12. I had a similar problem.

    So I rented a mailbox at the local UPS store. All deliveries go there. I pick up at my convenience.

    Yes, it costs a bit of $ but the expense is far less than if someone stole one of my deliveries.

    I don't want to be at war with my landlady. I don't even like her. I want my home to be a refuge of peace.
  13. She SHOULD NOT open your package. I can't believe she even opened someone else's package!!! Definitely complain to UPS and complain about that driver too.....Make sure next time they only deliver your package to you.
  14. Edit to note that I typed the below before seeing ProfNot's post. She's right. :biggrin:

    Get a box at a UPS store, and use that as your mailing address.

    They will sign for packages when necessary, and most have 24 hour security as well.

    We started using one when we lived in an apartment because the apartment mailboxes had lots of issues, beginning with size. Things people sent me in large envelopes wouldn't fit, and some contain photos that should not be bent.

    In additon, in our case, the FedEx delivery time did not mesh well with Mr Puff's work schedule - he frequently works very late, so we didn't want people knocking the door at 9 AM.

    The UPS box has worked so well for us that we kept it up even when we moved into the several square foot luxury of Puff Palace!
  15. Your landlord was in the wrong to open your package.
    Of course, mistakes can be made. I don't live in an apartment thank heavens! We live in suburbia and these things don't happen often but it has. Once the UPS driver delivered our package to one of our neighbors (just an address mixup--house numbers similar---like 22345 and 22354---something like that).
    Anyway, they were so nice....drove to our home that evening with our package. The husband and wife walked it up to the door. The box was opened. They told us that they mistakenly opened the box and that all the contents were inside (Sephora and they were so sorry for the mixup.
    No big deal at all.

    Your landlord however just sounds like a nosy nancy...I HATE THOSE! She would have known the package was not for her. UPS stated that the landlord signed for it right? So she must have told them she was the manager/landlord and she knew the item she signed for was not hers. So no idea of why she opened it... Confront her! I would! It's your right! If you don't she will do it again.