UPS just dropped off an HG Project...


Which color should I re-dye?

  1. Paint it Black!

  2. Keep it White!

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  1. I recently bought an 03 white weekender on eBay, which after paypal vouchers and an already low price came out to $310. the leather on this bag is absolutely TDF!! when i set the bag down it sinks into a puddle of white leather.

    i just wish it was BEAUTIFUL white leather. it's REALLY dirty, there's no doubt about it i'm going to send this one out for a re-dye... the only thing I've been considering is not actually dying it white again... but black? I took a modeling picture, i just dont think the white compliments my wardrobe as much as i thought it would. i'm thinking black might go better, the only thing is, if i got the leather dyed black, could i get the canvas lining between the zippers, etc, dyed black too? i really need your opinions girls!

    IMG_0025 crop.jpg

    IMG_0024 crop.jpg

    i have to go out for a bit but i'll post more pics later of the mess! It reminds me a tiny bit of MK's pistachio right now... it's a good thing i like projects!
  2. I think you should go for a unique color, like a pale blue, pink, etc., depending on what goes best with your wardrobe. This is an opportunity to have something really beautiful and unique! If you're really in need of a black bag, then go for it, but you can get black anywhere.
    Vert d'eau comes to mind as the type of color that would look great. :idea:
  3. Yes - have some fun here. What other colours suit you?
  4. I would work with the folks doing the re-dye to see what they thought would work best.

    If you are sending to LMB, talk to Barbara and see what the pros and cons are of changing the base.

    Great find!
  5. I would go for a different color, just because then you won't have to redye it again ... white must be pretty susceptible to dirt!

    I agree, ask whoever is doing it what shades would work best!
  6. i had a caramel makeup that a pen exploded in...yes, it was horrible...BUT! when i contacted lmb about it (i just ended up buying a brand new one from balny), it was actually more expensive to dye black than the original color because of the zipper tape, inside tags, etc...i am sure they would do a fabulous job, but i just thought this was interesting! i know yours was so inexpensive already, so you may not care, but just something to keep in mind!!!

    btw...i will just tell you with my re-dying experience...i decided not to have LMB do it (i am sure it would have been great) but it was going to cost $200 for a makeup that was only originally $485. since i found another one at balny (06 caramel), i just decided to "experiment" and take the one with the HUGE ink stain to a local shoe repair shop and see what they would do. they charged me $15, and spray painted it! lol! i can laugh now, but it would not have been funny if i had not found another one.

    moral of the story? DEFINITELY use LMB! :smile:
  7. ^spray painted? omg. How did the texture of the leather turn out?

    I agree with some previous posters, consult LMB about what color to do. My choice would be black, but the other colors could be fun...
  8. i would go with dying it black. making it white means just making it off white - i had LMB do a white Day of mine and it's not the same at all. they did a fab job of removing stains, even taking off the jean transfer, but the leather was just not the same and it kind of yellowed.

    at least with black, it's a solid dark color and you won't have to worry about getting it dirty with use!
  9. Hi dont blow,
    I have a apple green work 2005, what was very dirty when i bought it. I cleaned it myself with soft en natural soap. It stil has stains and looks a bit dirty, but i think its ok.
    Before that i bought a day lady in sky blue 2005, and that was redyed. I was in shock when it arived at my home everything was full of black paint it smelled strange an felt so strange stiff. After i cleaned al the hardware with sandpaper an my nails.The seller told me it was done proffesionaly but i think she did it herself. Now i cleaned it and put some wax and shoepolish on it, i can live with it, i wil never buy a redyed again.
    Please try to let it clean proffesional, or put it in a washing machine. I have heared that someone did that with her weekender and it was ok.
    No garanties from my site.
    Good luck with it Hugs FX:heart:

    ps Your other pics xxx where great U looked so good.
  10. The purse you got was inexpensive to begin with so I would just get it professionally cleaned. If you really wanted black, just get another bbag.

    BTW, I buy white purses that range from $100-$200 b/c I know it'll get dirty fast and don't want to worry about it too much, with the exception of my LV White Murakami that I KINDA baby.
  11. i think i'm going to with your advice wantmore... i took some more pics, this time stuffed, and with a different outfit... i quite like the white!

    IMG_0033 crop.jpg

    IMG_0039 crop.jpg

    IMG_0040 crop.jpg

    IMG_0041 crop.jpg

    the bag still definitely needs quite a cleaning tho, the top pic without flash captures the dirty best.

    now it's time for me to be on the lookout for a black weekender, or maybe a work, or wait to see the ss08 colors... ahhh i hate decision making!

    edit: i apologize for the mess that is my room, it's laundry day!!
  12. The first bag I ever purchased was a refurbished 05 BG Pink Work last year. I paid $1340 for it and it was horrible! It still had stains, and a red pen mark, the hardware and zippers had pink splashes all over it, it smelled bad, and felt bad. It was done by a very reputable and recommended refurbisher. Ever since I met that bag I have not been crazy about getting bags refurbished, especially if it is soft smooshy TDF leather. I think the cleaning route might be a good idea to try first and if that just doesn't do it for you, go for the refurbishing. Just my honest opinion. Good luck and keep us updated, I'm sure we are all anxious to see how this story ends.
  13. Send her to me and I will make her BLUUUUUUUUUUUE! :graucho:
  14. If I were you, I'd dye it black. I'm not crazy about white bags being so dirty!
  15. Hey DB!
    Nice score, great pics, too!!! I love the white and you totally rock it. It is a great look for you. Here is what I did with my white tiny coin zip wallet. It was pretty dirty from a lot of use. I put lubriderm on it and almost all dirt came off with the lubriderm as I wiped it clean with a washcloth. I did it twice and it was perfect. Have you tried this or even baby wipes yourself? If not and if it were me, I would certainly try! It might leave it with a bit of vintage "character." Keep us posted, can't wait to see what you decide! Anyway, good luck!