UPS just came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yey UPS just came and guess what he brought!!!! My 05 bordeaux first!!!! I found it on Craigslist and my boyfriend bougt it for me for our anniversary!!!! I also just got a few days ago my 06 camel day which I love!!! I took pictures of both of them but for some reason I cant upload them on to this thread...I am sooo happy I love my first sooo much its super soft!!!
  2. Probably because the pictures are too large. Resize them or put them in a free photo hosting site online and post the link.
  3. how do i resize them?
  4. i think i figured it out...
    first.JPG first 2.JPG first 3.JPG day.JPG day2.JPG
  5. :heart: 05 bordeaux BEAUTIFUL leather and color. The camel is also gorgeous. I love them both. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your 2 new beauties. :yahoo:
  6. you can get balenciagas on craigslist???? Wow! Isn't that scarier than Ebay though?
  7. it can be if its shipped to you, but I picked it up so I was able to inspect it before I paid, plus the woman I bought it from was bbag obsessed so I knew I was dealing with a person who really cared about balenciagas!
  8. Congratulations, both are gorgeous!
  9. wow...congrats on your find...that's awesome...they are gorgeous...
  10. So who do you love more? Your new bag or your boyfriend? ha. Gorgeous bag!
  11. thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!!!
    Donna- lol its close but of course the boyfriend
  12. Congratulations, gorgeous! I love them both!
  13. Gorgeous bags--great colours!!!

  14. Very nice bags . I love the bordeaux!
  15. lucky you!!! so beautiful!