UPS issue

  1. Please tell me that someone else has had this happen and that it all turned out okay!!
    My botkier sasha was supposed to be delivered today, UPS is showing it as delivered, yet it's not here!! The tracking number says that it was left on my porch:shrugs: I'm hoping that the UPS guy just made a mistake, because there were two packages, and I only received one....maybe he scanned them in his truck, but only carried one up...oh I hope that's what happened, and they will realize what happened and redeliver tomorrow!! Otherwise, I don't know what else I can do since it shows as delivered. We live in a very safe, quiet neighborhood, i've never had anything go missing, and if there were two packages on my porch it doesn't make sense that a thief would only take one package, and leave another.
    Any advice or words of encouragement, similiar stories??
  2. Michaelle...I really hope UPS made a mistake...are they allowed to just leave packages on the porch? Given them a call my fingers are crossed!!!
  3. Thanks, the item showed up on Saturday! The driver just forgot to carry it up to the porch. Anyway, I talked with the driver and asked him to now leave all packages at the side door, he said that he would try to remember. It scares me though that all the driver had to do was scan the item as delivered and that releases UPS of all responsibility.
  4. Wow! It's very scary. I'm glad you finally got the item. Happy ending.