UPS is delivering my FOS purchase

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  1. My purchase from this Mondays sale is being delivered by ups not fedex....yay :smile: scheduled delivery tomorrow instead of the 6-9 days that FedEx was taking to make it from Florida to Texas. I used free shipping so no upgrade on my part.
  2. Coach switched to UPS a couple months ago, and they increased shipping to $10 that is when you aren't at the $150 mark for free shipping. And UPS is slower, at least for me.
  3. Congrats on your purchase! I alos find UPS delivery to be faster than FedEx.
  4. Congrats on getting stuff fast :smile: I’m near San Francisco and UPS is WAY slower than Fedex for me coming from FL. Mine stuff takes more than a week from the FOS now when it used to take 3 days. Plus UPS beats the crap out of the boxes.
  5. I have never even had ups deliver this fast before from anywhere, I am hoping its a sign of better things to come from now on.....I wish coach offered you your choice of carrier since it seems to be hit or miss according to your location as to who is the better one.
  6. I second that. My stuff used to take only 3-4 days with Fedex and I'm in Ohio. Now with UPS, it takes more than a week . :tdown:
  7. I liked with FedEx when I got the tracking #, I could go on and schedule a hold for any FedEx store or site. I work literally right next to the airport FedEx "hub" and could actually get my packages a day earlier since they would come in like around 8 and be held instead of waiting til the next day to be delivered. While I usually have no problems like with stealing you never know, and, I rather not my leather sit possibly outside in the rain/snow.

    The UPS hub is like half way to downtown and not convenient. I had to go pick up a bridesmaid dress that had to have a signature and it was an excursion!
  8. From FL to Ohio you should be 2-3 days. I wonder if they upgraded you to one of the air services. It does depend on location. UPS is great when it’s shipped from a closer location. But when it has to come from the East Coast? Ugh give me Fedex. Their boxes are always neat and they used to come a day early. That baby just had to leave Memphis in the afternoon and you could be sure it’d come the next day :smile:
  9. I'm in Ohio too and same here it takes almost a week. I think the real problem is UPS is slow to actually start the delivery process. When they used FedEx I'd order on a Wednesday morning, Coach would send me a tracking number that same day and it would say it had left Florida. It would arrive Friday. Now, i get a tracking number 1 or 2 days after my order, and for a day after that it will just say shipping label created. So annoying!
  10. Same here- UPS takes a week now :tdown: