UPS for international shipping?

  1. I have a Chanel bag on eBay that a buyer in France is interested in purchasing. The listing is US only but she really seems like a sweet, honest person - great feedback, paypal premier verified member. I am considering opening up the bidding for her, and she recommended UPS as the safest and fastest shipping method. Here's a summary of her email to me:

    UPS is definetely the best. It may cost 60 USD and so what, you have a tracking nber, both you and the consignee can track the parcel at anytime on the web, you are usually delivered in 3 days,you will get a signed proof of delivery, and you are never bothered with the customs unless you clearly state the word CHANEL on the papers which is definetely not a good idea !!! Just state "bag"! Yeah, for expensive items, I shall recommend UPS. USPS Global Express is fine as you can insure the item but UPS is soooo fast it doesn't go through the postal system of both countries, it's tracked and flashed all the time, for your total peace of mind just go for UPS if you decide to sell this item internationally !

    Thoughts? Should I just write "bag" on the papers? She didn't state anything about insurance and I'd defiintely request it.

    Right now, I am having a major headache with potential US buyers and I know this person would pay my listing price, if not the BIN.

    Appreciate comments from experienced sellers!
  2. ups charge insane brokerage fees and you never get away without paying customs (unless of course you undervalue the package), i'm not sure where she got that idea from :confused1: but that's ultimately her problem, not yours. i've never had ups lose anything though, they're very good in europe.
  3. UPS is ridiculously expensive to ship from the U.S. to Europe. If you decide to use them make sure you know exactly how much it will cost so you don't get burned. I'd say if the buyer is willing to pay their shipping costs, go for it. I won't use them because they are just way too expensive. USPS express mail with insurance is WAY cheaper.
  4. She seems willing to pay so far. I'm taking the bag to UPS tomorrow for a price quote. She agreed to insuring for full value but wants "used handbag" or "bag" on the documentation versus "Chanel bag". As long as she will pay for full insurance I will go along with "used handbag". It is a used handbag after all!

    Thanks for the feedback.