1. How long do you wait to list a designer bag you want to sell, but know you won't get what it is worth at the moment.

    I am afraid to sell a particular designer too low, in fear of it fetching much more later on. What would YOU do? Do you take what you can get now, or wait it out? :crybaby:

    Hope this makes sense.
  2. Put a starting bid of what you would not want it to go less than....I did the same thing when I sold a bunch of my handbags it's a price that they know to start the bidding and nothing less than what your willing to take for the item
  3. If you are looking to make a specific price, then I would hold out and sell it later
  4. I guess you never really know how much something will go for until you try, and I am certainly surprised (in both directions) by how much items sell for sometimes. I would test the waters with an opening bid price around your minimum. If it doesn't sell, you can give it a rest for a while then try again. Is it a very seasonal bag?
  5. No, not a seasonal bag. It is a LE piece. However, they are not selling on eBay. About a year ago it was going for a nice price (for the seller advantage), but now it has turned favorable for the buyer. Don't want to lose too much.:sad:
  6. I always did this when I wanted to sell bags that I spent a lot on and didnt want to get like 3 cents back... sometimes they sold with just one bid, and sometimes they didnt get bids at all.. I did what I saw fashionphile doing, starting all her auctions at 99 cents. This attracts more buyers because of the low starting price. If someone suspects that your auction is fake because of the low starting price, then make sure you have tons of pictures to prove to them that its not. :heart:
  7. ^ yeah, it's very risky though coss it could go for much less than you expected and ppl like fashionphile and other regulars have a built in customer base in effect. while people like us and selling from our personal collections.

    i think you either start with 99cents and put a reserve on it or as someone suggested, start at the lowest price you would be okay with.

    sometimes it requires a couple of relistings before it sells. i've deifnitely regreted lowering the price of some of my designer stuff too fast just to sell it. =P good luck1
  8. yeah, I def. always put a reserve!
  9. Christmas is one of the best times to sell stuff. Anytime after late July, things pick up for BTS and the holidays.

    Right now, begins the gradual eBay sales slide into the pit. Depending on what you are selling, hold off.

    Take advantage of listing sales though.
  10. Thanks everyone! I actually started listing my things a long time ago for a penny. I actually did well and didn't regret doing so. However, I would be nervous for this particular bag. It really is a gamble and I am not a regular seller on eBay (thank goodness). Just too much stress.
  11. I wouldn't put it up for sale if you really needed the money, any amount of money. Unfortunately, some people go thru slumps and can't wait for the holidays or whatever.
  12. A couple of times I have started items off at .99 but stated in the auction that my reserve was a low $150.00 (or whatever) - that hasn't failed me yet.