UPS & DHL deliveries


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Jul 31, 2006
I have been wondering, it seems like a lot of you ladies get your bags shipped via UPS or DHL and they seem to be delivered straight to your doorstep in the evening. I find this odd since here they always ship during the day, working hours:confused1: I thought the whole point of shipping like that is that you can decide when you want it delivered on your door step. Now everytime something is delivered to me, they don´t ask what time I want it and I always have to order to my working address which I hate. So, my question is, do you say what time you want it delivered or do they only deliver after four in the US?


May 7, 2006
I think with UPS?DHL/Fedex you can pay extra money to have a guarantee pre-10AM delivery....otherwise it totally depends. My UPS guy comes anywhere between 11-7 PM.
Jan 4, 2006
DHL will only drop off between the hourse of 8am-5 PM & I am at work, I always have to drive to the depot to pick of my packages which is a pain


Apr 27, 2006
No, you aren't guaranteed a time of delivery unless you pay for a special service nor do you get to decide what time of day you want it delivered (wouldn't that be nice!?). My UPS guy comes in the evening usually around 6-7. With the holidays, it's sometimes later. Although he is pretty consistant with delivery time, I have gotten packages delivered in the afternoon too. UPS will guarantee delivery "by end of day" on a certain date. I've only had a couple of deliveries by DHL so I can't speak much for their schedule.


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Jun 6, 2006
Highland, Maryland
Although I love to shop on the internet I do get frustrated with the delivery of packages sometimes.

Fed Ex: Has lost or delivered to the wrong address three packages in the last year and a half. They usually come between 11 and 2, but it's not a sure thing. I have paid extra for early delivery, but that didn't matter. The last package I got from Bergdorf's when I did that came at 4:30. Fed Ex is totally frustrating, especially when they need a signature and you're not home. They only say they'll be back the next day, no time given so you have to sit and wait.

UPS: Whenever, whatever. No rhyme or reason.

I've never used DHL.


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Feb 5, 2006
These people come when they want to. Some of us wait for them. Some of us live in communities where they can leave the box on your doorstep. Some of us have to pick them up.

I will tell you I HATE DHL and UPS. I'm starting to hate Fedex too. I live in a gated community and the builders have not come up with a way to let these shippers in. So if you're not home they leave a message saying they left your package at the sales office. Now why do I want to go to the sales office? I don't live in an apt. I want my package at my doorstep!

So if I had to choose someone. UPS has been good lately, but soon they'll go back to their crappy service and tell me I have to pick up my package in Sparks (an HOUR away from me).

These are all the reasons I'd rather just pay the taxes on items and take them home with me.


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Jan 28, 2006
You can call ahead and arrange a specific time but I believe there is a small fee involved. Luckily, the UPS man is a family friend, since I am at work for most of the delivery day he just takes my packages to my parents house!

I loathe DHL. I avoid them any chance I get. They can never seem to find my house.

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Feb 17, 2006
My DHL delivery guy never graduated kindergarten..( hes an say the least)....Fedex pickups are great here but Ive had them lose many things in the last year..UPS lost one envelope with a LARGE certified check and they didnt even reimburse me the bank fees for the 50 dollar stop paymt I had to put on the check.UPS actually found it and delivered it(UNknown to me!LOL) a FULL MONTH LATER..I kid you not.They all have their issues.I have to say USPS hasnt lost a thing..yet..They have been the quickest and cheapest.


Apr 24, 2006
i know with ups and fed ex if its really up tehre in price added requirements from the shipper...requiring signature and what not like elux.

you can pick it up at their warehouse after theyve attmped to deliver it that day..or can request the enxt day they leave it off the truck so you can go and pick it up


Jun 26, 2006
Fedex - usually comes at 10AM

UPS - usually at 4PM

If no one is home, they both leave a note for me to pick it up. Its not bad considering their shipping center is down the street from where I live..


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Oct 25, 2006
UPS - they come at anytime... on 2 occasions, the delivery person scanned the package with a 1st delivery attempt when he didn't even bother to deliver it (didn't even leave a slip or anything)! I happened to be at home and tracking my packages online. I called UPS to complain and the driver ended up having to come back after his shift ended to personally deliver my stuff. I've also had to go to their warehouse a few times and once waited from 830pm-1230am :censor: for the my box to arrive. Sometimes I'll get a guy that will leave my packages in a hidden corner at my front door or in my back patio when no one is at home but that's rare.

FedEX - seems ok. I've had only 2 or 3 packages delivered so far and usually after 5 or 6pm. The person didn't even request a signature - just rang the doorbell and left the stuff on the doorstep.

USPS - so far, the best option since the postal carrier leaves my packages hidden in my back patio if no one is at home... I usually choose this option if there is a choice (even though many times it costs more to do so) :Push:


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
None of them come at specific times. I wish I could request a certain time of day. Where we live now, apparently we are the last town on their routes, because they usually deliver between 4:30pm and 6pm. For my kids, who work full-time, the delivery is tricky if someone has to sign for the shipment.