UPS delivered an EMPTY box!

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  1. Attention to all those receiving shipments in from UPS... I was delivered an empty box!

    I had been stalking the website for the coin card holder in jaune and it finally popped up. I made it through the checkout process and received shipment confirmation a day later.

    The box was delivered by my regular ups driver on July 15th. As he handed it to me, I noticed the side of the carton LV shipping box was damaged and torn. I didn’t think anything of it because I’ve received other shipments where boxes were damaged but the contents were intact, so I thought nothing of it.

    So I pull on the tear-away price of cardboard to open the box the way it is meant to be opened, and I notice the advertisement insert for the new blossom was bent and torn. I take the gift box out and notice the blue decorative robin wasn’t on the box, it was bunched up and placed on top. At this point, my stomach turns and I know something ain’t right.

    I proceed to open the LV gift box and I find....and EMPTY dust bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone opened the side of the box, managed to pull out the contents, take out the coin card holder and tried to put everything back inside!

    So I’m freaking out at this point and call LV. So now an investigation is underway and can take up to 14 business days. During that time i do not get a refund or the item. Today, ups came to pick up the damaged box for inspection and we’ll see what happens.

    I’ve received many very expensive shipments via UPS, 2 of which were Rolex watches! I never ever thought that something like this would happen. Neeldless ro day, I will be videotaping me opening every box I receive from this point forward.

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  2. Omg this is my worst fear!!!!! Following for updates! I hope everything works out!
  3. This regular UPS deliver guy could be your witness. I hope he still remembered he handed you this torn box.
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  4. Sorry this happened to you. I hope you are able to get your item.
  5. So sorry this has happened to you. I know when I received a few shipments to my home there was always marking that read “if this seal or box is broken do not accept package” not exactly in those words but something similar. It has been a while since I received shipments at my home because I’ve had issues with my mail in the past and I only ship to store now. I hope the situation is rectified and you still receive your item.
  6. Omg I’m so sorry about this! Call LV or wherever the place you bought the bag from then call UPS. Hope you get your coin card back! This happened to me for one of my Nordstrom order and delivered empty box so I called Nordstrom and they sent me a replacement no problem at all. It’s uggs..
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  7. Oh I will definitely provide updates!
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  8. It was the regular ups guy who picked up the item today, he didn’t mention anything... but he did help me reseal the box exactly as it was delivered
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you......totally stinks! For the future, remember that you don't need to sign for anything until you've checked the tape is unbroken all over the package. My UPS and FedEx drivers all know to hand me the package to inspect, before I will sign. If the tape is all intact, I sign. If the tape is broken, I open the package just inside my door and verify the contents.....if all is okay, I sign. If the tape is broken, and the contents are broken/missing, I sign "Damaged, with exception", and take a pic of the exception notation with my phone. After that, I take pics and start an investigation/inquiry with the shipper and the merchant. I think this puts your drivers on notice, that you will check and expect your signature packages to arrive with tape intact. It also gives you some record that you noted the damage/problem as you signed. Hope your situation is resolved quickly, and you can get another one!
  10. You are fortunate they stick around! Mine drop off the box, ring the doorbell and before I can open the door, they've already driven around the corner. :P
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  11. I always take photos of every step when opening packages just in case!
  12. I’m so sorry this happened. Hopefully LV won’t take long to sort this out with UPS and send you a replacement.
  13. Another reminder to open your boxes BEFORE signing for UPS packages.
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  14. one of my biggest fears, which is why i have everything shipped to a store.
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  15. Sorry, this has happened to you. We hope everything works out!
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