UPS Clause came early this morning with his orange bag!

  1. :yahoo:
    Yes, he came while i was still fast asleep and brought me a present!
    I must've been really good!:wlae:

    Check it out!!!
  2. ooooo......More, More, More!

    Open that sucker, Jenn!!!!!
  3. What!!! OMG!!! Let us see quick!!!! Please...
  4. OMG, what is in my orange bag?!

    A 32cm Rigide Bleu Roi Ostrich Kelly with GOLD Hardwear!!!!
    She is so beautiful! More than i thought she could be!!!

    DH loves it! he "warned" me to be very careful with her! lol
    DSCF2858.jpg DSCF2861.jpg DSCF2860.jpg
  5. Oh my gosh.
    Blue Roi in Ostrich is just stunning.
    Your Kelly is beautiful.
    More pictures, please.
  6. GORGEOUS, Jenn! Perfect size for you, too!!!! Wear her well and often.....she's a real BEAUTY!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on a stunning new addition!!!!!!!!!

    Now, let's see some modeling pics!!!
  7. Motherly pangs of joy to glad it made it safe and sound! Enjoy!!!!
  8. Gorgeous---what a lovely new addition!
  9. That bag looks familiar. LOL

    Congratulations, jennifleur!
  10. Thanks so much, Shoes!!! :heart: She is SUCH a beauty!

    Thanks, S'mom and Sus! I'll do some modeling pics later when i get out of my pj's. lol. (working at home today)
  11. Did you own it before, too? lol. I hope you were able to!
  12. ^^Congratulations...SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!

    Your collection of H-bags is so COLORFUL...Love it!! Can't wait to see you model this baby!:yahoo:
  13. Ooh, Aah!

    Gorgeous! You are one lucky girl!!!!!

    I'm with shopmom--modeling pics please.
  14. :wtf: Omg! that baby is so stunning!!! I love bleu Roi!!!
  15. LOL, jennifleur! Yup, I think I was the 3rd owner. I can trace that from the first (I think) to you! :roflmfao: Congratulations, it's a gorgeous bag!