UPS called this morning - is this normal?

  1. I ordered a bag from Pierotucci over the weekend, and received email notice that it shipped yesterday. :yahoo: But this morning I received a call from UPS saying they needed my social security number so that the package could clear customs. I was hesistant to give it but they did correctly identify Pierotucci as the sender, so I gave her the number...did I do the right thing and is this a normal procedure??? :wtf: I don't recall this happening when I ordered from Net-a-Porter when they were still shipping exclusively from UK.
  2. werid UPS has never asked me for that personal info before...can you verify that it was actually UPS calling you. with the all the identity fraud out their, I would not get my SS# to anyone.
  3. I frequently ship / receive parcels from overseas but have never been asked for my SS#. Be careful of possible fraud.
  4. Yeah, I would have said no, but that you could give the last 4 of your SSN
  5. Yes...It has happened to me with fedex.

    It doesn't always occur, but your box must have been chosen randomly...

    I say...Don't worry...:flowers:
  6. OK, so I just called UPS at the international customer service number listed on their website, and they said this is normal, that they need a tax ID # to clear customs, and that normally the shipper would have asked for and provided it. whew.
  7. gee, i would think that they should work out some other way for tax id. one never knows what random person may be working there and use or sell the social for id theft. i am sort of paranoid about giving my ss # to anyone any more. and i really am not that fond of ups to give it to them.
  8. hmmmm, I have never heard of that, but I guess that makes sense
  9. i would not give ssn. there are other ways to verify