Upper lip threading

  1. I have been going to get threading done on my eyebrows and I LOVE it!! After years of waxing this is not any more painful, my eybrows looks better and the growth is slower/finer. Anyway, I want to get my upper lip down....I usally use a dipalatory cream but would love to get threading done to slow down the growth....anyway, how much hair growth should i have on my upper lip before I go in? Does it hurt more than the eye brows? Will I break out on my upper lip? I am leaving on vacation in a few days so I don't want to break out. Also, I currently have a blemish on my upper lip....how bad will that get if they thread my upper lip tomorrow? Thanks.
  2. I've threaded my upper lips quite a bit. The longer the hair the more it'll hurt when it is being threaded. In terms of breaking out I believe it depends on your skin's tolerance. I'm unlucky in that I always break out whenever I get hair removed (waxing or threading) but other people never have that issue. Your lip will also be raw for a bit, and if you don't want to deal with the issues of your skin reacting differently I'd put off threading your lips until after your vacation (just in case you do break out).
  3. I usually get my brows and upper lip threaded at the same time. I used to wax but then I started to get massive irritation after every session so I switched to threading. It doesn't really irritate my skin but if I have PMS it hurts so much more. It's basically intense plucking in my opinion but so worth it.
  4. Agreed.
    I get it my brows and upper lip done at the same time as well. If there is enough hair to notice on your lip, then it's long enough to thread.
    As far as breaking out, if you don't normally break out around your eyebrows then I wouldn't imagine that you'd break out on your lip. There's really no way to know though.
  5. A little painful but so worth it.
  6. It hurts like hell fire, but at least it gets the job done. As long as your hair is long enough for the thread to catch and hold on to it, you are good to go.
  7. I've been having my upper lip and brows threaded for years and I honestly prefer it to waxing. The heat from wax always makes me break out, but threading does not. I find upper lip threading to be much less painful than eyebrow threading (though my tolerance for pain is quite high and I don't mind either).

    Some helpful tips are to avoid washing the area within 5-8 hours of threading. If you have an anti-inflammatory cream/lotion, you can also apply this immediately after threading to bring down redness and avoid breaking out.
  8. If you have a cut or blemish on your lip , I don't recommend waxing or threading. You run the risk or irritation and or infection. I am an esthetician n
    And I wax and thread. I don't like threading , in my experience hair grows back in the same amount of time.
  9. Nessa Girl, I didn't know you were an aesthetician!!
  10. I think threading would be much better than using a depilatory cream. I would get reactions to hair removal cream but with threading, just slight redness for 10 min and then I'm good to go.
  11. Yes gawd. I am. I love waxing !!!!! Tired of being in the office as an accountant. For boring so career path change a few years ago...
    I can arch the hell out of an eyebrow.