Uploading Pic - HELP!!

  1. Good Morning,

    I feel like a major dork asking this, but I am having difficulties uploading an image for my profile. My image has all the specifications, but it says it failed to upload image every time.


    Thank you.
  2. maybe the dimensions are too big?
    Try resizing pic first?
    Using [​IMG]?
  3. I just went thru this a few months ago. I was getting the same error and could not figure out why. I was getting an error that I was not allowed to upload gif files.

    Just post the link (if that is what your are using) into the white box, and not where it says too upload an image.

    If it's just regular pictures, as Stinky Monkey mentioned, if they are too big it will not load, but you should see a message telling you the file is too big. Just resize them, and it should work. For some reason if my pictures are too big, I send them to my email address, and I always have an option to resize, which I do. Then I save the picture back into the file, and it seems to work.