uploading bal pix, help please!

  1. anyone around now who can walk me thru how to upload bal pix which open up to big pix when u click on them? i know how to do manage attachments,but in preview ,pix look small and dont open up when i click on them. good pix of great bags.....thanks!
  2. manage attachments is how I do it, just try it, maybe 'preview' skews things a bit{?}
    You can always edit them back out.
  3. i don't know exactly. i just resize them to small, attach them and then when they are posted, they magically get bigger when you click on them. might not do that in preview mode.
  4. That's exactly what I've done. I haven't tried to click on preview, but once posted, you click on the attached pics and they enlarge. :smile: