Uplifting Animal Stories ONLY!

  1. Okay, as requested, here's a thread where we can tell HAPPY stories about animals. (Leave all the abused animal stories out, please. :flowers: )

    Louis can be so weird sometimes! He'll run up to something, start clawing at it, then he'll stop, make this back of the throat noise and tear off in the other direction. It's almost like the thing he was clawing said something that really pissed him off!
  2. thank you caitlin. I hope this thread gets a sticky. but lets start posting stuff here that is universal as well. I'm alittle buzzed right now but tomorrow morning, I'll be posting stuff y'all need to hear too!
  3. Note: When I said 'animals' I mean not only your pets but other animals, too!
  4. this is the stuff I'm talking about. you want to help animals? check out this entire website. these people are doing the real work. they are the ones that need your help. they don't have f***ing Pamela Anderson posing in front of one of their posters. spread the word.

    Thai Elephant Conservation Center :: Elephant Hospital
  5. Great thread idea!

    My youngest cat (she's about 5 months) does that too. She'll also chase her tail just like a dog. She'll catch her tail and then starting spinning madly in one direction with it in her mouth. When it falls out her mouth she'll stop, catch it again, then start spinning in the opposite direction. It's very funny because she doesn't stay in one spot...she spins all over the room!
  6. Well I found a great home for my one cat!
    My other cat meows at me sooooo loudly in the morning when his milk bowl is empty (yes...he can tolerate regular cow milk unlike some cats)...and will follow me around and swish his tail until he gets it.

    My dog loves to play ball....and when I'm on my computer working he'll bring the ball to me and drop it...when I still won't get up (usually because I'm in the middle of something and I ask him to wait a couple minutes) he'll actually take his nose and start head butting my hands and pushing them off the keyboard. I know that it's really time to play then!
  7. Thank Bagandshoo. It was her idea. (I just got it going.)

    If you want a purebred dog, think about rescuing a greyhound:

    Adopt a Greyhound

    (Usually the dogs that can't race anymore are put to sleep. But this organization adopts the retired racers to loving families. My former manager at Victoria's Secret got two of them this way and they're her babies.)
  8. I find these images and injurys just as disturbing as the kittys in frying pan story.It's obvious that many of the injurys this hospital treats were caused by humans.
    The landmines didn't lay themselves and the gunshot wounds were no accident,a human pulled the trigger.
    Color it anyway you like but these elephants were victims of mans cruelty plain & simple.

    I do however applaude the efforts of any group that offers shelter and medical attention to animals of any species.

    As far as Pamela Andersons posing I couldn't care less,I'm not impressed by celebrity status in general.
  9. I have the only dog on the planet that gives bear hugs! When we come home, Sam will sit up (regular doggy sit up), but when you get down on the floor on your knees and scratch him on the chest, he will raise up, put his front legs/paws around your arms just like a big hug! I've never caught it on camera though, but it's disgustingly CUTE!:tender:

  10. My uplifting story is how I met my Coby! When Jesse and I knew we were moving to Oregon one of the first things we did was decide on what Breed of Dog we should get. Of course we couldnt agree on anything. Until we found out that we could have American Pit Bull Terriers in our apartment. So of course we immediately began looking for breeders. We found one that had puppies for cheap ($150) and yet was reputable (registered and fully papered). So we called him and he went through the whole scenario with us (asking us if we have owned Pit Bulls before and what our experience was with them, etc. - this is a HUGE sign of a breeder that cares about their litter). Finally we scheduled some time later in the week to take a look at the pups and parents (which were on site). Later that same day we are sitting down to eat and the breeder calls us back to tell us he only has ONE pup left! They sold that fast! So we jumped up, put the food in the sink (we didnt even get a chance to start eating), and ran out of the house. We end up having to drive to the other end of the city. By the time we got arrived there was a mother and daughter there trying to get our puppy! Luckily the breeder had held on to him for us but they were waiting just in case we decided not to take him. The breeder still had most of the pups on site even though they were already considered sold. So we had no idea which one was supposed to be ours. We walk into the yard and the mama comes out dragging all the pups behind her. They were trying to feed and she wanted them off of her. (she was a cranky ***** :roflmfao: ) As she walked past us one of the pups fell off and rolled right in front of me. He looked up at me with the sweetest blue eyes and the saddest expression. So of course I picked him up. Low and behold the breeder tells me that this is the last puppy - the one he had been holding for us!!!!! It was love at first sight! :love: :heart: :love: Of course we left that day with our Coby Bear. :tender: I just like to think that we were meant for each other. :girlsigh:

    Sorry so long winded - Its 630am and I am a little bored. ;)

  11. OMG, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby:
  12. Went to six flags once.. and did the Safari Drive thorugh thing... an ostrich walked slowly up to our car... lifted up his tail.. and took a huge poop on our hood.

    We were like... "Thanks..."

    My dog who passed away was great.. she'd do anything to run after a ball... she would always run throught he kitchen so fast... and slide... right into the cabinets. LOL...
  13. When we had to put our cat Lucky to sleep, it was heartbreaking. We mourned him and went through our grieving process and finally decided we should get two kittens. (They can keep each other company and they'll be indoor cats). On one of my days off, we drove from shelter to shelter, looking and looking. We couldn't seem to find what we were looking for.

    One Friday while I was at work, my mom called the same animal shelter we got our cat Lucky from and they said they had kittens in. I remember it being Friday so I cash my paycheck, run some errands and go to the gym. When I come back, I saw my mom and asked what happened. She indicated Lucky's old carrier sitting on the kitchen table.

    I look inside, and there's a gray kitten and a fluffy white one asleep together.

    Each one was in their cage with their litter mate and my mom picked out the best looking one of the two. She told me that when they were placed in the carrier they snuggled up together and went to sleep.

    That was three years ago, and they still love each other. Sometimes I'll walk into somewhere where they're sitting together and it's like I've interrupted an important conversation. They'll look at me like, "May we help you?"
  14. awe! too sweet!
  15. Great thread idea!