Upkeep on miu miu bow bag?

  1. I just got my allumino miu miu bow bag (squeeeeee!!!) It's GORGEOUS- I love the light grey color and would like to keep it beautiful looking forever- do any of you lovely ladies have any tips on keeping this bag clean? Can I scotch guard it? Or is there someone I can put on the bag to ward off dirt and stains? Thank you so much!:yahoo:
  2. I remember someone posted a similar thread-I'm wondering the same thing...thinking about using the Apple Garde to protect the bow bag?
  3. congrats!!!! i have wilson's leather protector...i use it on my balenciagas and LVs and it works glam! no water spots on my LVs...and no handle darkening on my city bag!

    can you post pics? i'm waiting for the exact same bag in the mail~!!
  4. could you tell me where found this bag?

    i've been looking everywhere but couldn't find one.

    that's so frustrating.
  5. Does anyone know where can I buy that Wilson's leather protector in the UK?