Upkeep on Epi Leather...

  1. Thanks to all who responded to my earlier post about buying the Myrtille Alma on eluxury. I think I have almost convinced myself to do the deed. As I am new to LV--and to blogging for that matter--are there certain things that need to be done to upkeep the Epi leather? I've tried to read as much as I can regarding LV on the TPF, but there is so much that I probably missed things! Thanks you all for your help and input!
  2. You don't really have to treat it with special care, just wipe it down with babies wipes if it gets dirty. Epi is one of the toughest leather I reckon.You can use it anytime of the year with no worries.:smile:
  3. I just wipe it off every now and then. Last month, a waitress slopped a pitcher of beer on my mandarin soufflet. No problem, I just wiped it clean.
  4. I have never done anything to my epi bags and they still look great - I even have a few over ten years old.

    But one concern can be "scraping" the bag on something like concrete - that can leave a permanent mark.
  5. I'm EPI lover. All my EPI babies are still in great condition even some are more than 10 years old. I didnt take care them more special than other lines of my LV. I seldom clean them up with baby wipes and that's all.
  6. They are super durable. The only thing (which is easily avoidable and would happen to any bag) are scrapes and creases.
  7. Sorry to be ignorant here, but I just want to make sure!! No leather cleaner and or conditioner is needed? Just periodic cleaning with baby wipes?? OUTSTANDING!!!:yahoo:
  8. Epi is incredibly easy to care for. I spilled a bunch of liquid inside my bag (don't ask...), and I was crushed when it created a water spot on the bottom (soaked all the way through), BUT when it dried, no mark at all. That sold me on epi!