Upgrading Your Flight

  1. Hey girls..just a question..me and my hubby are going on our honeymoon in a month to Cabo and I was wondering if you guys had any tips on how to get upgraded on our flight from coach to first class. I know people who have done this and have gotten bumped up, but I dont know how to go about doing it. Should I call the airline now? Or wait til the day of the flight? Should I email? Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!
  2. I've always been told never to ask for one at check in, it's purely pot luck. Dress nicely, be polite and it's up to the check in staff if they have the spaces and they like your face they'll bump you up.
  3. Depending on the type of fare you bought (discounted, regular, plus), you may get an upgrade. Do you have miles with the company you're flying with? If so, look to see if you can get an upgrade voucher (if you have enough miles) for your flights.

    We were offered an upgrade (for an extra $500 / ticket) on our flight from Washington DC to Frankfurt, but decided not to because...well, we didn't have an extra $1000 (2 of us were flying) with us at the time. Dress nicely when you go to the airport and be polite to the ticket counter staff. I like to make small talk with the staff, just because it's weird for me to stand there while they're doing my stuff. Toward the end I ask if the flight is full and if there are any upgrades to business or first (doubtful..) available. This has worked for me a few times (Dulles -> Frankfurt)...I don't know if it's pure coincidence but we always arrive very early to the airport and are usually one of the first to check in (hate the rush). So, yah! :smile:

    Alsoooo, if the flight is really full and you have some extra time and don't have to be at your destination in a hurry (same day or at a certain hour) offer to give up your seat on that flight in return for an upgrade to the next highest class (IMO this is only worth it when flying internationally). This has worked for Bart a number of times. He flys business class 95% of the time when flying internationally, and has offered his seat a few times when flights were overbooked :smile:
  4. I hate to tell you, but your chances of getting bumped are slim just because you are going to a popular honeymoon location during a popular time of year. Chances are over half your flight will be honeymooners as well so unfortunately you can't do the honeymoon excuse. But there might be a slim chance some seats will open, and they typically give them to those who are frequent fliers with their airlines. So if you already have mileage status with them, that's a good start...if not, I'd sign up now anyway just to have it in the system. And like the others have said, dress nicely and be sweet and polite. It's much tougher to get upgrades now (and usually it's only on non-honeymoon type destinations) but worst case scenario if you ask is they say no. Good luck!
  5. I would say just keep your fingers crossed....but like many have stated, be realistic that it might be a shot in the dark.

    My parents got bumped on their honeymoon 32 years ago:graucho: , they were flying from Ohio to Disney World in Florida. The airline overbooked the flight and bumped them to first class.

    Keep your fingers crossed, the worst that can happen is they say no. But it would be great flight if did happen, Good Luck to you!!!!!
  6. If you have status with any other airline you can usually call whichever carrier you are flying with this time and they will often match. So if you have United Gold (or whatever they call it) other airlines will offer you the same service.

  7. I did last time i flew for half the price of the actual seat. I can never fly coach again. Btw, I looked like **** and It was totally random. I was actially flying in the "premium economy" section and they probably overbooked that since its only like 12 seats or something like that. Its between coach and business, i got bumped to business.
  8. I have always thought that if you get there early you stand a better chance of being up-graded.
    On our recent trip to Jamaica from the UK, there were notices on the check-in boards about extra leg room seats available etc so a lot of the time i'm sure the airlines have those kind of seats available if first class isn't x
  9. to be honest, people get bumped up on check in because they may be preferred class. If you are preferred with the airline, meaning you fly X amount of miles or times per year, you can get bumped automatically. Sometimes the airline asks if you want to pay X amount for an upgrade- within the US starts around $100. Further flights cost more.

    Unfortunately, I do not think that many people are upgraded for free these days. Most airlines have policies for people who frequently travel with them to get upgraded- and the only other people I have seen upgraded for free are military.

    I would suggest calling and asking about it now- see if there is a good price and get a spot secured now. First class may be booked the day you get there- no matter how early.
  10. What airline? If it is Continental don't even bother asking, especially on International. Lol. They will look at you as if you have three heads. :p

    As Megs indicated - status helps a ton. That or if you have miles to upgrade. Every airline program is different however. My status with CO buys me *nada* on international flights but is better for domestic.

    Speaking of miles - what about family members who may travel alot? They may be willing to donate miles either for a FC ticket or upgrade if they are compatible with the airline you are traveling. Sounds like you already have your ticket so there is that.

    Good luck to you and have a great honeymoon!!!