Upgrading a Promise Ring?

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  1. So my boyfriend gave me an adorable promise ring last August for our anniversary. But recently I found a gorgeous ring that I would like to upgrade to, but my bestfriend thinks thats like "engagement ring" territory. The new ring I would like is a 1.5 krt diamond ring and Im currently wearing a 1 krt diamond ring.

    Is it ok for me to upgrade to a bigger promise ring? Or should I wait until we're ready to get engaged to get a bigger ring?

    ( I will post pictures later. )


    my current ring is exactly like this... the new one i want is similar, but instead of the 3 stones its just one big diamond ;]
  2. is he already buying you solitare rings for promise rings? Then upgrading def. sounds like an engagement ring to me!

    I have a white gold promise ring with 2 interlocked hearts. In the middle of the hearts are our birthstones and the sides of the bang have our names engraved in script. Our anniversary date is engraved on the inside as well. I've had it four years.

    The next ring I get will be an E-ring, no upgrading the promise.
  3. ^^ haha i dont want it to sound like an engagement ring though. i love him to death, but we're young (im 19 and hes 25)... we arent ready to take that step yet. but its ok to upgrade right? haha

    I wanted something really cute and unique for our promise rings.. like puzzle piece rings that were two seperate rings that interlocked when they came together.. but I couldnt find anything. so we both got white gold rings with 3 diamonds in them.
  4. mmm..just my HONEST opinion....an upgrade from a promise ring is an engagement ring. I would enjoy the ring he gave you for your anniv. (since it hasn't been a year yet). Since he already got you 1 ct for a promise ring, i'm sure you'll get nothing less for an engagement..just be patient, am sure it will come! good luck.
  5. It sounds like you want the engagement ring without the engagement. While it is only natural to want a gorgeous solitaire, I, too, agree that any upgrade from a promise ring IS an engagement ring, especially a solitaire. It has been less than a year since you received your beautiful promise ring; enjoy it. The rest will come.
  6. ITA :yes:
  7. Exactly what I was thinking! :tup:
  8. Don't upgrade it ...enjoy the promise ring he gave you
  9. ITA, just wait. It'll be worth it. :yes:
  10. one big 1.5ct? thats is not a promise ring. my promise ring is a .42 solitare on a simple band and i change it to a more fancier band because a single stone looks like an ering.

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  11. i forgot to add that i got my promise ring after 2.5yrs then at 3yrs i got the facier band. we are moving onto the 4th year in a few months.
  12. No need to upgrade. Rather him put that $ into something else you will love (or maybe a future e-ring!).
  13. What is a promise ring? Is it a 'going steady' kind of thing, or a 'pre-engagement' type thing? I've never heard of them before reading about them on this forum, and had asked in another thread what they are, but don't think anyone responded. Is this something that's done in the U.S., or is it traditional in another area? Thanks!
  14. ^^^

    It is my understanding that it is an "engaged to be engaged"" sort of a thing. My DH gave my a promise ring when we were in high school - too young to be engaged (for us) but we were very committed to each other.
  15. How does he feel about upgrading the promise ring? Did he bring it up or did you just see a ring you loved? The one you have doesn't sound cheap and if I were him and had gotten it for you just last August, I'd think you were a little greedy about wanting to make such a big upgrade already. 1 to 1.5 carat jump doesn't sound like that much, but a 1.5 carat in a solitaire would be most likely over 10k- a huge financial commitment for a promise ring. I agree with HauteMama- sounds like you want the engagement ring, but not what comes with it.

    Maybe you could look into getting yourself a right hand ring if there's a certain look you'd like to get?