Upgraded to first class

  1. Have you ever been upgraded to first class?

    I fly alllllll the time. I can't even tell you how many international miles I clocked this past summer. And in all my plane trips, I've never been bumped up to first class.

    Women's magazines make it seem like this kind of thing happens all the time. Has it happened to you?

    Or has your hotel suite ever been upgraded? This has never happened to me either!
  2. Ok i know im going to sound like a cow.. but i ALWAYS get bumped up.. i mean like all the time. i think it depends on where you are flying too.. how nice you are to the ppl and if the flight is full. if its full it happens really easily.. if its not then they usually wont bump you up... i have a frequent flyer card so i get preference over other passengers i assume you do too..
    do you ever ask?

    i got a suite upgrade once cuz i complained that i asked for airport meet and greet and no one ws there and i acted all sad and upset.. teehee. so the guy felt bad and i got an upgrade..
  3. This last August we had my good friends Bacholerette Party in Vegas. Well, everyone was flying in really early Friday morning...and since I am not much of a morning person I got my best friend to fly down Thursday with me. So, I booked the hotel room for that one night since the rest of the weekend was under another girl's name. We arrive at The Mirage and I am checking in and turns out that they had my reservation but no room attached to it. They said that since I was only staying for "one night" they gave us the Penthouse Suite!!!!! It was so amazing!! :love: :love: It was so sad to leave the morning and go to our "little" hotel room for the rest of the weekend. :cry:
  4. yes i do in fact it happens very often ( but i have to admit i do book business class on my own) .the reason is that i am always a bit late :lol: and kind of divaesque overderessed so maybe that is the reason for it ;)
  5. No, how does one go about asking??

    Dude, this summer alone I flew from San Francisco to New York to Paris to Nice to Shanghai to Dalian to Tsingdao to Beijing... (and none of these were stopovers)
  6. During off season and our town tends to slow down a bit I upgrad people all the time! Obviously they love it, and we in turn then get return custmers, and they always tell thier frends!! As far a first class, I always just book it as I just feel more comfortable. Every 3 weeks one of us are out of tonw!! I also have TONS of miles to use up.
  7. If I could afford first class, I would. I travel way too much to drop that much on a plane ticket everytime I go somewhere, however. I think at one point I looked into how much a first class ticket would be to Shanghai and it was $10,000!!!!! I could have a BIRKIN!
  8. so you book business ?? cause if your booking economy they don´t upgrade to first as there still is business and upgrading is usually one class so from economy to business or business to first ;)
  9. I would never pay for first classs.... its too much money. i always book economy and pray.. what i usually do is never wear jeans and try to be a bit presentable ( as in a bit more than usual for a flight) and then just ask.. is the flight full? any chance for an upgrade.. usually if your really sweet about it it happens.. its all in charming them. i just got back from paris yesterday and they upgraded me on the return sector. cuz i fly economy i never get upgraded to first only to business. but im not complaining!
  10. How do people ask to be upgraded to business/first????? I'd sure like to know!

    DEPENDING on flight I usually just book first. I usually use the criteria of 8hrs+ or ANYTHING international, I try to book first or business. Sometimes if I can't, I just book the cheapest economy possible..but a few times my travel agent has magically bumped me up to business.

    In regards to hotel suites, I always get upgraded once I ask (Starwood Platinum status is the BEST)..I pay for the cheapest room but get the best that is availible!
  11. Upgrading On Flights & Hotels Is Pretty Normal ~ Maybe It Seems That Way From A Lot Of Traveling.

    IntlSet ~ Wow! What Fabulous Trips! It's Definitely Your Turn To Get Upgraded!!!!!!! ;)
  12. It is my turn!! You tell 'em!!!!
  13. Last summer, I booked a suite at MGM Grand for 4 days. We were checking in really late (like 2-3am) so I called them a few times to make sure they don't give away our suite. When we got there, sure enough, the suites were all gone! Since they can't really downgrade us, we were whisked to the Skyloft! We were escorted all the way up. We had our own butler, free soda and water, laptop and they even printed out business cards and stationary with my name on it. We stayed there for 4 days! I'm hoping to get lucky again sometime soon!! :biggrin:

    I heard that as Baby Boo and lilach mentioned, airlines are more likely to upgrade you if you're dressed up. I've been upgraded once to first class (from economy) but it was a very short flight so it didn't matter. :biggrin:
  14. I never have, but then I normally fly with my BF, who is also my business partner and he likes to dress very casually. Also, even though I like to dress well, I generally dress fashionably/quirkily; so frankly, I doubt it will ever happen!

    I could be wrong, but I bet most airline staff wouldn't know a genuine bag from a fake and most are probably taken in by high street suits!

    So, I reckon that you've got more chance of an upgrade, if you dress smartly and carry a fake Gucci/Prada/LV (or some other bag with a large logo), even if your outfit only cost £150.00 ($275.00) in total; than you have if you dress casually/quirkily in £4,000.00 ($7,500.00) + worth of designer clothes (not that I generally do, especially when I fly; but I'm sure you KWIM)! :biggrin:
  15. The best time I have been upgraded was from London to NY, I was in economy premium, with 3 friends, not even sitting together, and the stewart comes to me and ask if I´d accept to "change" seats. He didn´t say more so I repplied(fool) "No, I am with my friends" and the other passenger looks at the ticket and tells me "I think you should go..." Yes indeed it was the superbe first class......and sleeping on a plane overseas didn´t quite feel the same in your neck !!
    And arriving at the hotel I am again the one to get a premium room !!
    And I dress very casual, don´t have any frequent flyer card or anything......but sometimes it´s only luck, so it´ll happen someday !