upgrade setting? need advice pls

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  1. Hi tpfers! My 15 anniversary is around the corner and I'm itching to either add another band to my existing ring or use my center stone and put it into another setting with a halo or double halo. I'm afraid of making a mistake do I need input from all of you lovelies :smile:. Here is my current setting with wedding band. I have an emerald cut aquamarine from h.stern that I could put in the ring do I can still wear it. This was dhs biggest concern, that it wouldn't be worn anymore :sad:. Please help! IMG_20180808_095108.jpg
  2. You're set is lovely! Have you heard of Pricescope? It's a really great jewellery forum which (under "Rocky Talk") has so incredible diamond experts who could help you. I'm also upgrading my engagement ring (no special anniversary but lots of things bug us about it) and the Pricescope members have been really helpful.

    Anyway- I'm not a big fan of halos but I thought these were pretty

    IMG_1317.JPG IMG_1318.JPG

    I understand your husband's concern - mine has the same! Since I will be remaking the new engagement ring completely, rather than leaving my original ring in a drawer we will make a little necklace out of the platinum and diamonds.
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    Initially had something like this in mind. But now thinking of just a center stone vs three stone.
  4. like this???? HALO.jpg
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