Upgrade from MM to GM in kangaroo sacoche

  1. I decided to move a step up to the GM size. I exchanged the MM today. This is significantly bigger than the MM. Although the MM was good, it wasn't great for me. Might as well get all that I need in that price range in that collection.

    Anyway here are some pics for reference. More to follow...
    GM-in-relation-to.jpg frontview.jpg backview.jpg interior-detail.jpg six-jeans-and-more-space.jpg
  2. more pics as I mentioned earlier...
    gm-vs-carryall.jpg wow-it-fits.jpg cavernous-interior.jpg hand-held.jpg shoulder-held.jpg
  3. It's HUGE! I love it!
  4. the GM folded in first attachment

    & attached is the MM I've returned for your size reference.
    compact-in-relation-to.jpg mm vs carryall.jpg mm in relation to.jpg
  5. DAMN thats a big bag! Very nice though :yes:
  6. Holy crap, thats big! :wtf:
  7. That is a big bag!!! It's cool that it converts to a smaller bag!!! Congrats on your new purchase!!!
  8. WOW that is HUGE:wtf: I love the colour:love:
  9. Hot DAMN that is ENORMOUS!!! That color is *****in' though and seeing all these pics makes me want one...hmm...
  10. That is BEYOND gorgeous! At first I wasn't so crazy about from the lookbook pics but it's GORGEOUS! The color is simply divine!
  11. Congrats on the bag, love the rich brown colour!
  12. Gorgeous, and what fabulous taste you have ! :graucho:
  13. wow that's GINORMOUS!!! it ate up a whole Carryall :wtf: it reminds me of the LV-inyl messenger... i drowned in it. i think i'll stick to my Sacoche PM.

    but it's still one of the most fantabulous bags ever... yay us! :wlae:
  14. I love how it "ate" the Carryall......hehe.


    But its a beautiful bag and makes me wonder if I should continue to save up for my Balenciaga Weekender or just go for broke and get this bag instead?
  15. omg its big but I love it! so much bather than the smaller one