Updates on GGH??? i'm starting to worry...!!!

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  1. my current must-have: GGH black city. and of course, its unavailable. i've heard some PF members say GGH will arrive in february... but i called aloha rag and balenciaga and neither had good news. aloha rag said "not this season". balLA said "discontinued" and Bal NY put me on the "long" waiting list and said hopefully they would call me soon...?? maybe they're waiting for a new shipment of 09's?? i'd rather get it from the website for the free shipping/no tax. i do not want to buy on ebay. please post any other news you've heard! thanks!!:okay::sweatdrop:
  2. nevermind!!! i just called BalNY and spoke to a different rep. she said that they are def. getting GGH in this season!!! yah!!! cant wait!!
  3. You would think the SA's would know what is going on. How can one tell you def. no and one tell you def. yes?
  4. Hi! Barneys has a Black City GGH. You can find them online. Good luck!
  5. GGH is back?? yay! I might just buy bbags again:smile:
  6. Its so frustrating when you ring the same Bal Store and the SA's tell you totally different things! For such high price luxury goods, their customer service should really be a lot better!
  7. i know saks only bought GSH this year...good to know they still make GGH
  8. I'm sorry but in my personal experience, S.A's are the clueless people you can talk to, it's amazing, isn't? :shrugs:
  9. Yeah, it annoys me that they all have different information! Glad to hear that it is definitely coming this season though. My name is on the long waiting list as well. I wonder how long it is!
  10. No no, gold is coming back way to popular!!
  11. Im now even more frustrated! I just rang Bal London and a really disinterested-sounding SA answered the phone saying they have NO IDEA when GGH bags will be in, im tearing my hair out at this point!:cursing:
  12. I have just rang Bal Paris and they say that the GGH is finished! How many more contradictory reports can we get?! Then I rang Printemps and they only have a few colours left in GGH, no black. I am beginning to think il never get my hands on a black PT or City with GGH! :sweatdrop:
  13. Try oredering from Barneys.com. They still are showing GGH. My SA told me , that the comapny doesn't tell the stores much info because they don't want it leaked too early? She said for the spring there was a smaller buy for the GGH for the bal stores, but it is coming, but she didn't know when?
  14. I would definately order from Barneys.com if I were in America but because i am in Europe i have to order from a Bal europe store as within the EU i wont have to pay customs
  15. I 'm confused ! I'm drooling over a white city ggh. I live in Paris, and the Printemps store told me that gh are unavailable this summer. I just check Bal website, and US citizens can order white city ggh and even the part time is still available ! is there a chance to find this bag finally ?!