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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm back for more of your excellent advice and guidance!

    I've been trying to pare down my handbag collection and be more thoughtful (read: less impulsive) abut new purchases. I've recently sold a number of bags and so I'm in the market for something new. My BV fever has been in full force for the past couple of years, so I currently have a large Nero Veneta, a large ebano Campana, and thanks to a lovely tPFer, an amazing cervo hobo in Resina.

    I strayed and bought a Balenciaga Velo, which I thought would be a good messenger-type bag, but the bag (pre-owned) arrived not as described and went back, so I'm back to square one and reconsidering whether the Velo is the best choice for me--I'm not sure it is.

    I went to BV and looked at a Sloane and the mini Rete tote. The Sloane, albeit my first BV love, still didn't work well for me; and the mini Rete (while totally cute and fun) wasn't for me either--particularly at the price point.

    I went home and regrouped and it occurred to me that one thing truly missing from my collection is a nice clutch. Even though it would get less airtime than my other bags, it would be a practical addition. So I went back to look at knots.

    Here is what I am trying to decide now:

    1. Stretch vs. Standard: the stretch is more practical for me, but I find the shape & size of the standard more appealing. There also seems to be fewer interesting treatments on the stretch knots.

    2. Color and material: I want something versatile and reasonably classic that I will be able to carry for a long time to come, so I'm thinking black. I also want something durable, so I while I like the satin/Ayers combo, I worry about it getting snagged and/or stained. I'm not a big fan of the silk grosgrain.

    So the two contenders on my radar right now are the black satin/Ayers stretch and this standard one. Please help me decide!!

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  2. These bags are so classic that you can't really go wrong with either one, but:

    I love BV leather, so I vote for the standard size in leather.

    Full disclosure: I LOVE the knot in your pic. I want one at some point, if there are any available if/when I decide to take the plunge. So I vote for that one. :smile:
  3. Thanks, azjavagirl! I haven't seen the one in my pic in person yet...my SA found one and is having it sent to the store. I'm going to see it on Wednesday and have very high hopes!
  4. I too prefer the proportions and appearance of the regular Knot. There are so many lovely variations to pick from.
  5. I also agree with you about the proportion of the regular knot being more appealing. I like the one in the pic you posted. I added a knot to my collection though I don't have a knot lifestyle and I find it a pain to use....I know, doesn't make sense. I bought the memory leather knot in black. I felt that leather would be more forgiving than satin, grosgrain or exotics and to me the memory could be dressed up or down. I think the one you're considering is similar in those respects. Good luck with your decision!
  6. I'm partial to the stretch knot because they hold more and are easier for me to carry. That being said, the size is a personal decision based on what works for your lifestyle. There are more leather options available in the "regular" knot. I love the leather and metal treatment of the knot you posted. I've seen it in several boutiques but I can't remember the name. It is very heavy. I am very lucky to have my SO plum ostrich stretch beauty. I carried her last night to dinner and theater in San Francisco.
  7. I have also been eyeing the knots and have come to the conclusion that the stretch is definitely more practical, easier to tuck under the arm and your larger cell phones will fit. I vote for black leather or grosgrain, not satin.
  8. I would get a stretch knot in nero grograin
    this seems to me the most practical bag
    it holds more than the traditional knot
    it can go from day to night
    and I love it
    just my 2 cents worth
  9. I remember that when I first saw the knot below... I thought that it'd be the perfect "durable" knot alternative to the satin knot. :P Of course... I believe that it is a past season knot now... so who knows whether or not it'd still be available at boutiques.

    In any case... I agree w/many of the previous posts. Not only do I prefer the proportions of the standard knot, but the offerings for the standard size are varied and interesting across seasons. On the other hand, while satin isn't durable (in the literal sense of the word), a satin knot is not fragile either. Moreover, it has a sheen that is lovely for evening wear.

    Whenever I've seen stray threads on my satin knots, I've simply taken a sewing needle or safety pin, and gently tucked them back into or behind the fabric. Or I've trimmed them with a pair of sharp scissors, if they "end" at a point near a fold or crossover. As for stains... I've used a q-tip to spot clean stains as needed.

    GL with your decision! :smile:


  10. I saw this one in person yesterday. I almost bought it on the spot but, I had another couple of stores to go to before making my decision, so I took a couple of pictures to help me decide. Although I love this little bag, I'm not sure I want a clutch right now, maybe something with a strap or handle would be better? If it's a clutch you're looking for, this one is amazing. I kept wanting to touch the little rings. I think this design does a great job of uniting sophistication and edge.