Updates: My Metallic Dark Pink & Dark Silver Striped Reissues!!!

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  1. As I promised you ladies..:woohoo:
    I'm just in love with both of them..

    Note: Please excuse the crappy colors in the 2nd modeling pic :P

    Attached Files:

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I'd be in love with them, too. Enjoy your new bags.
  3. omg the pink is tdf
  4. Awwwwww so pretty!!! Congrats!
  5. Thanks for sharing! They are gorgeous and look good on you.
  6. We are striped reissue twins. I love both bags the big is lovely.
  7. Wow those are amazing bags! The colours are so gorgeous!
  8. The metallic pink is such a lovely color! Congrats!
  9. WOW! Love them both! :woohoo:
  10. gorgeous!
  11. soooo pretty! I'm in love with the pink!
  12. WOW< and WOW,,congrats! Enjoy them.
  13. Gorgeous bags! Thanks for sharing. I especially love the dark silver striped.
  14. Congrats.. the pink one is so sweet
  15. Congrats! Both are gorgeous! :yahoo: