updates from dior.com - bags & accessories

  1. looks like the monogram bag from the fall/winter ads are slowly creeping into dior.com and it's being called the "ethnic bags"?! :confused1:
    white monogram ethnic bag.jpg black monogram ethnic shopping bag.jpg dior monogram buckle pouch.jpg dior lovely pochette.jpg beige monogram buckle small wallet.jpg
  2. more bags, mostly the vinyl cannages in beige and some other variations of the jeanne bags.
    beige vinyl cannage drawstring.jpg beige vinyl cannage polochon.jpg black jeanne armour.jpg brown jeanne python.jpg grey jeanne armour.jpg
  3. patent lady dior (as xochrissie talked about in another thread), a small cannage drawstring (in nylon, comes in other colours too).
    patent lady dior.jpg black monogram buckle long wallet.jpg blackvinyl cannage wallet.jpg brown ethnic long wallet.jpg small cannage drawstring (nylon).jpg
  4. miscellaneous accessories like a dior fahrenheit pen (they have the cannage one too!), a cannage ipod case, stunning taupe heels, etc
    silver cannage ipod case.jpg taupe mule.jpg beige lady dior bracelet.jpg black ethnic bootie.jpg grey dior fahrenheit pen.jpg
  5. dior costume jewelry - the birdy heart line (love it!), butterfly.
    dior birdy heart bracelet.jpg dior birdy heart brooch.jpg dior butterfly earrings.jpg gold dior butterfly necklace.jpg loving flower cord bracelet.jpg
  6. "so dior" line and cute "bag 2" necklace (with the gaucho buckle detail on the pendant)
    silver bag 2 bracelet.jpg silver so dior bracelet.jpg silver so dior necklace.jpg so dior clip-on earrings.jpg so dior ring.jpg
  7. last but not least, dior destiny ring. very blingy!
    white dior destiny ring.jpg
  8. cool! the accessories look so yummy.

    love the 'bird heart' bracelet. and more incline to get the 'so dior' bracelet for every day wear
  9. i've been looking for a dior necklace for myself for ages. I can't decide which to get!
  10. i like the patent lady dior.
  11. oooh i like the Dior Lovely Pouch so much~! :heart:
  12. Patent Lady Dior and Cannage drawstring isn't bad on the eyes ;)
  13. Thanks for posting pics zero! The patent lady dior and jewelry are TDF! I think this fall instead of buying bags I might just stalk up on accessories.:graucho:
  14. I love the Lady Dior bag, but why is it so small? :shrugs:
  15. ^ heh, purly, it's a pretty alright size actually, but a chore to get in and out of because it's so structured (so the opening isn't very accessible). there's an even smaller version (which dita von teese was pictured carrying) and it's absolutely cute (though a little impractical).

    fashion_guru: count me in too. ;) only the accessories seem to appeal to me.